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100% Natural – All of our products contain the highest quality, all-natural ingredients.

Doctor Formulated – Our products are carefully crafted by our own master herbalists with over 30 years of experience.

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Our Best Seller

The Colon Cleansing KitTM

The Colon Cleansing Kit

Our All-Natural Colon Cleanse features Digestive Stimulator™ and Toxin Absorber™ formulas – choose from 3 stages of intensity to fit your comfort level.

Herbalist's Corner

Jim Sullivan, ND

Jim Sullivan, ND

A pioneering herbalist and Naturopathic physician for the past 30 years, Dr. Sullivan integrates... Read More

Amanda McQuade Crawford

Amanda McQuade Crawford

A medical herbalist, educator, popular author and all-around advocate for natural health, Amanda has... Read More

Choosing an Herbal Cleanse

Discover Natural Digestive Health and Wellness with Cleansing & Detox Kits

Stress, food additives, environmental pollutants and even parasites can disrupt your natural ability to digest and absorb vital nutrition. As toxins, undigested food and other wastes accumulate, the balance and function of the natural systems tasked with purifying, detoxifying and revitalizing your body can become impaired.

Natural Colon Cleansing helps purge your body of built-up waste, improving nutritional uptake while expelling toxins at the same time.* The cleansing process supports digestive health and optimizes digestive function, but can also naturally revitalize and rejuvenate your liver, lungs, kidneys and other vital organ systems.*

Ready to Explore Colon, Internal, and Parasite Cleansing?

Restoring your digestive health is the most important step to reasserting the natural internal balance necessary for improved nutrition, immune function and overall well-being.*

General Health and Wellness

Natural Herbal Health Remedies, Tinctures, Teas and Formulas

Blessed Herbs general wellness herbal extracts, remedies and concentrated tinctures naturally promote vitality and wellbeing.* Every all-natural product we offer is painstakingly extracted, formulated or composed by our master herbalists and naturopath physicians.

You are much more than the sum of your parts – your energy, vitality and general wellness depend upon the health, vigor and synergy of all your body’s natural systems.*

Relish the Bounty of Medicinal Herbs

These special plant species are imbued by Mother Nature with active compounds good for everything from immune system health to allergy support to relief from hot flashes, without the uncertainty of chemical pharmaceuticals or hormone therapies.*

Menopause Support and Relief

Four All-Natural Menopause Support Formulas Tailored to a Woman's Needs

The Natural Menopause Support Line starts with the Feminine Cleanse: a gentle, nourishing botanical formula designed to balance your body systems most affected by menopause, improve digestion and prepare your body for the changes ahead.*

Hot Flash & Night Sweats, Balanced Mood and Feminine Comfort address the most common challenges of menopause: hot flashes, emotional unrest, and the feminine dryness and discomfort associated with your body’s change.*

Formulated by our Master Herbalists

Formulated by Naturopathic Physician James Sullivan in concert with Master Herbalist and natural health advocate Amand McQuade Crawford, all products in the Natural Menopause Support Line are designed to work synergistically with one another, but are also effective as stand-alone support for your unique journey through menopause.*

Bulk Herbs

High-Quality Raw Herbs and Rare Botanicals

Blessed Herbs bulk herb products are all responsibly harvested, expertly dried and professionally packaged to preserve maximum freshness and efficacy.

Whether you’re a naturopathic health care provider, master herbalist or simply like the idea of preparing your own herbal teas, tinctures, and remedies – our Bulk Herb products are perfect for you.

Start Your Own Collection of Medicinal Herbs

Explore our wide variety of root powders, berries, flowers, ground bark and dried leaves – all taken from the correct species of herbs and botanicals by our master herbalists, responsible growers and expert wild-harvesters.

Liquid Herbal Extracts

Over 20 Years Creating Highly Concentrated Herbal Extracts

Our Herbal Extracts make it easy and convenient to enjoy the health support benefits of both traditional and cutting-edge naturopathic and homeopathic remedies, without the difficulty of personally preparing leaves, barks, flowers, roots and berries of medicinal herbs for human consumption.

Potent, Natural, Long-Lasting Tinctures

Through rigorously controlled processes, the active plant compounds most beneficial to the human body are distilled into a powerful tincture and preserved in USP grain alcohol and deionized water.

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Money Back Guarantee

90 Day, Money Back Guarantee

All Blessed Herbs products contain only the highest-quality, all-natural herbal ingredients. Your satisfaction is backed with a 90 Day, Money Back Guarantee.

Herbal Quality Guarantee

Herbal Quality Guarantee

Our herbs primarily come from our own network of wild harvesters and organic growers whom we personally know.

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