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About Us


At Blessed Herbs, we take pride in our ability to consistently provide the very best quality herbs and herbal products that are available. We take strict measures to ensure the freshness, potency, and overall quality of our products. When it comes to herbs, our experience and skill at locating, selecting, processing, and storing the raw plant material results in the very best bulk herbs, liquid extracts, and cleansing formulas available to you – at any price. We invite you to research the links below and of course please Contact Us with any questions, we are happy to meet your needs.


The Blessed Herbs brand was founded in 1985, providing over 600 premium quality bulk herbs and herbal products to herbalists, health professionals, herbal manufacturers, retailers and individuals in the United States and abroad.

In 2001 we introduced a full line of herbal cleansing and health maintenance products. Today, many of our herbal cleansing kits, like our Internal Cleansing Kit™ and the Colon Cleansing Kit™ are routinely used by thousands of health practitioners and hundreds of thousands of individuals all over the world.

In our modern society, it's easy to forget that we’re an integral part of nature; that our bodies are part of a holistic, living system that supports and nourishes us.

When we're in good health, it's a sign that our body has adapted to our particular lifestyle and environment; that we're in-sync with nature's rhythms and that our personal system has reached a state of equilibrium or "balance".

When we're feeling ill or "out of sorts" – our body is sending us a signal that we've lost our balance; that we've fallen out of step with nature's cycles, both within and without.

Herbal cleansing is a way to "reset" our personal system and help our body regain its balance. Using herbal cleansing formulas and diet changes, we help the body expel accumulated waste and toxins. But just as importantly, a natural body detox supports and encourages our body's own self-cleansing mechanisms – our channels of elimination and detoxification themselves.

So while it may appear that these potent herbs may be doing all the work, they are really designed to help our body to work better. Each of us has six, inter-dependent channels of elimination, and when we get all those channels working together seamlessly, we feel healthy!


Organizations Supported


Environmental Concerns

Environmental concerns for the plants themselves are very important. Some plants have been collected so extensively that their lives are threatened in the wild. There are even locations where the over-picking of herbs has completely eliminated some species. Wild Ginseng Root, Goldenseal Root, Lady Slipper Root, and False Unicorn are just a few of the plants that are in threat of being over harvested.

Over the years we have formed alliances with wildcrafters, to assure they are not adding to the over harvesting problem. We have also helped support farmers and small growers who cultivate many of these threatened plants.

There are lots of good and concerned people doing this type of work. Together we hope to be able to convince more large manufacturers of the ethics and wisdom of supporting farmers in their quest to grow popular medicinal herbs.

Herbal Quality Seal


Premium Herbal Quality Guaranteed - Purity and Potency

Our herbs primarily come from our own network of wild harvesters and organic growers whom we personally know.

Our wild harvesters gather the herbs from the wilds of nature in areas free from pollution, at the height of their potency and with an awareness as to correct species and ecological balance.

Our certified organic growers cultivate without the use of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides and take care to enrich the soil naturally.

The secret to our success is maintaining open, honest, and trusting relationships with these growers and harvesters. This gives us a surety of the quality and integrity of the herbs they produce. This is not always easy, but we are determined to keep establishing better communications and relationships with everyone who supplies the herbs we buy.

It's important to get the highest-grade medicinal strength herbs. Herb quality makes a huge difference in results! A lot of products that have gotten into the marketplace over the last several years are of dubious origin. We provide only the highest quality possible and stand behind our herb quality. Contact Us for more medicinal herb information.

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