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Advice on Buying Herbs

Premium Herbal Quality Guaranteed - Purity and PotencyOur herbs primarily come from our own network of wild harvesters and organic growers whom we personally know.

Our wild harvesters gather the herbs from the wilds of nature in areas free from pollution, at the height of their potency and with an awareness as to correct species and ecological balance.

Our certified organic growers cultivate without the use of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides and take care to enrich the soil naturally.

The secret to our success is maintaining open, honest, and trusting relationships with these growers and harvesters. This gives us a surety of the quality and integrity of the herbs they produce. This is not always easy, but we are determined to keep establishing better communications and relationships with everyone who supplies the herbs we buy.

It's important to get the highest-grade medicinal strength herbs. Herb quality makes a huge difference in results! A lot of products that have gotten into the marketplace over the last several years are of dubious origin. We provide only the highest quality possible and stand behind our herb quality. Contact Us for more medicinal herb information.

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