Boneset Herb

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Promote immune and digestive health with potent, Boneset herbs from North America*

Boneset herb from Blessed Herbs is 1 pound of wild harvested Eupatorium Perfoliatum (Boneset) plant. The odd name of this herb stems from its historical use as a curative for broken bones as well as because it was used to treat dengue fever, which was often called “break-bone fever” due to the severity of pain caused by the disease. Boneset may support fever reduction. The herb has active inflammatory-response promoting compounds, and may support your body’s natural recovery abilities. Brewed into tea, Boneset may encourage mild laxative actions and can induce vomiting. Boneset has compounds that can be toxic; please consult a physician before beginning use.*

Herbal Ingredients

Boneset Herb – Eupatorium Perfoliatum was once used to treat Dengue or “break-bone” fever, hence the name. Boneset may have properties that promote a healthy inflammatory response, and supports digestion as a mild laxative (which can also induce vomiting). Boneset may promote fever reduction.*

Boneset Herb
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