Lemon Balm Herb

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Dried, organic Melissa Officinalis herb for digestive, immune and sedative support remedies*

Lemon Balm or Melissa Officinalis is native to Europe and has a long history of use as both a medicinal herb as well as a culinary flavoring agent. Use this 1 pound of dried, organic Lemon Balm herb to create your own delicious herbal teas and remedies!*

Lemon Balm is known the world over for its ability to promote healthy digestion and settle disquiet stomachs. It is an excellent flavoring herb for medicinal and herbal teas (as well as natural “Black” teas) however, unlike true “tea”, Lemon Balm encourages a gentle sedative action and is an excellent way to calm frayed nerves and moderate anxiety. *

Lemon Balm is also thought to support a robust immune response in the face of common maladies and seasonal illnesses. Discover what medicinal herbalists have known since antiquity: discover the potency of Melissa Officinalis by designing your very own herbal teas and remedies!*

Herbal Ingredients

Lemon Balm Herb – (Melissa Officinalis) Native to Europe, Lemon Balm is a medicinal herb with a long tradition of use. Modern herbalists use it to promote healthy digestion and a robust immune response, as well as calm frazzled nerves.*

Lemon Balm Herb
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