Quassia Chips

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Cut, wild harvested Quassia Americana chips for homemade herbal remedies*

Sometimes called Amargo or Bitter-ash, Quassia is a plant from South America who’s bark can be utilized to create herbal and medicinal remedies. Quassia Chips promote healthy appetite and digestion, stimulating bile and digestive enzymes. Quassia can also promote the body’s healthy immune response in the presence of some parasites and certain maladies. Externally, Quassia has been used to promote relief from hair parasites.*

The bark of the Quassia Americana plant can be used to create natural insecticide, and has been used as everything from a flavoring agent in food to an active ingredient in digestive bitters and laxative remedies.*

Herbal Ingredients

Quassia Chips – A plant from South America, Quassia Americana can promote healthy digestion and appetite. Quassia Chips can be used to create homemade insecticides and hair parasite treatments, as well as to promote laxative action.*

Quassia Chips
(Quassia americana)
Country of Origin: USA
Form: Cut
Wild Harvested
Package Type: Pkg
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