Yucca Root

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North American wild harvested Yucca Root for healthy inflammatory, antioxidant, and cardio health*

Yucca Root is the 3rd largest carbohydrate food source in Central and South America, behind rice and maize. Yucca Root contains Resveratrol, a potent antioxidant. As such, it supports your body against free radical damage – important for everything from brain to cardiovascular health. Yucca root’s high saponin content helps your body expel cholesterol, which encourages cardiovascular health. The active plant compounds in Yucca Root promote a healthy inflammatory response in the joints as well. Because of the potent plant compounds in Yucca, consult your master herbalist as to how to properly prepare Yucca root remedies.*

Herbal Ingredients

Yucca Root – the roots of the Yucca plants are packed with Resveratrol and saponin compounds which promote antioxidant and cardiovascular health, respectively. Yucca Root also supports a healthy inflammatory response in your joints. Consult an herbalist for proper Yucca root remedy preparations.*

Yucca root
(Yucca species)
Country of Origin: USA
Form: Cut
Wild Harvested
Package Type: Pkg
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