Revive 5-Day Colon Cleanse

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Cleanse the colon & digestive tract, detoxify organs, and restore vitality.*

The new Revive 5-Day Natural Colon Cleanse from Blessed Herbs is a gentle, effective, all-natural cleanse derived from the highest quality all-natural herbal ingredients to flush toxins, clean and expel built-up waste, promote digestive system balance and encourage total-body health – without fasting. It is the perfect cleanse for beginning Herbal enthusiasts or those who simply do not have time to fast in their busy schedules.

Unique Powder-and-Capsule Combination

Herbal Ingredients

Revive Digestive Cleanse Powder (take once daily: one packet before breakfast)

Promotes healthy bowel function, regularity and nutrition by gently cleansing your colon and digestive tract*

  • Psyllium Husk Powder – bulking & lubricating agent for digestion*
  • Amla Fruit – anti-inflammatory & antioxidant. Alleviates diarrhea & upset stomach, protects liver*
  • Marshmallow Root – contains mucilage for healthy gastrointestinal functions*
  • Ginger Root – anti-inflammatory, anti-emetic, anti-nausea digestive aid and circulatory stimulant*
  • And more…

Revive System Balancer capsule (take once daily: two capsules before lunch)

Promotes digestion, revives circulation, supports improved metabolism and immune system functions & restores digestion*

  • Rooibos – Rich in antioxidants, phenolic compounds and flavonoids. No caffeine & low tannin content .*
  • Milk Thistle – contains silymarin, anti-hepotoxin flavonoids, helps prevent liver damage*
  • Dandelion Root and Leaf – aides digestion, constipation, fat metabolism & bile, liver, and small intestinal secretion stimulation.*
  • Burdock Root – rich in fructo-oligosaccharides, gently increases lymphatic, kidney and liver functions*
  • And more…
Revive 5-Day Colon Cleanse
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December 20, 2013
"Easy to do, Loved it!"
I tried the Revive 5 day Colon Cleanse after Thanksgiving weekend and I totally loved it. It was very easy to do, no fasting at all. Of course, I ate light food, I had a lot of soups, salads and water. My body feels great and renewed and actually lost two pounds. I will totally recommended it. Regards, Diana
August 9, 2013
yes I need this cleaner to help me get back on track from some med that I've been taking. My system needs to clean out from all this medication that I've been taking.
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