the Para Cleansing Kit™

Options: Peppermint

If you suspect you might have para-organisms, then you can take the Internal Cleansing Kit™ or the Para Cleansing Kit™. Both include Para Cleansing Formulas™ for one round of parasite cleansing. If you already know you have unwanted guests, observe them, or experience uncomfortable symptoms while taking the Para Cleansing Formulas™, then you should assume that you have them.
Parasite Cleansing Kit™
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February 21, 2014
"BEST Parasite Cleanser I have found"
For all of you that think you do NOT have worms think again. If you have some noise in you gut...probably a few bugs there. I use this yearly to keep things clear as it is easy to expose your self to parasites. Even twice a year might be good. All kinds of worms came out of me dead. So I will use this for my life time. I believe it will extend my life in a very healthy way. using to whole kit in my opinion is best & you must do the FAST for it to work on killing critters. I am extremely pleased with this product line. In every way.
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