Toxin Neutralizer™

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This powerful Green Tea and Indian Gooseberry herbal antioxidant formula will detoxify your body.

The Blessed Herbs Toxin Neutralizer™ from Blessed herbs is a powerful herbal antioxidant formula designed to neutralize toxins in your system, helping prevent them from binding to or damaging healthy cells within your body.* Toxin Neutralizer™ contains potent herbal ingredients that can support your liver as it deactivates and neutralizes toxins. Our all-natural formula comes with a full complement of antioxidant sources and soothing, herbal compounds that promote your body’s ability to adapt to and defend against environmental and chemical stressors.

This potent herbal recipe takes aim at toxins circulating within your body, neutralizing them. Because of this, your brain and nervous system may experience a calming, rejuvenating effect. The Blessed Herbs Toxin Neutralizer™ contains Amla and Green Tea extracts – herbs have long been recognized by herbal and naturopathic medicinal traditions.*

Toxin Neutralizer™
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