Cleansing Food and Drinks

How diet changes affect cleansing

If you elect to make healthy changes to your diet, it will release more energy for cleansing and intensify the strength of your colon cleanse.* If you choose not to make any changes, and that is OK, you will still experience benefits.* It will just take a little longer to get completely cleaned out, but you will be proceeding at a pace comfortable for you. Consult the chart below where you will find the most appropriate next step for you to take in lightening up your diet. This will definitely help your body in its task of cleansing. You may note that a diet of raw, organic fruit juices has the strongest cleansing effect on the body.* You would be advised, however, to not jump to the top level of “juices only” unless you are already a raw foodist. However, it would be beneficial to add freshly made, organic fruit and vegetable juices to your present diet. The important point to keep in mind is that while diet changes do affect your colon cleansing procedure, there is no need to move up more than one step at a time on the chart. It is best to proceed gradually and observe how your body reacts. That way you can stay in control and comfortable. If you ever find that the rate of cleansing is too much for you, have a bowl of homemade vegetable soup and/or drop back a step in your diet and notice how it calms the process.

diet types and how they control the strength of your cleanse

If you ever find that the rate of cleansing is too much for you, have a bowl of homemade vegetable soup and/or drop back a step in your diet and notice how it calms the process.

Vegetable Soup Broth - Use organically grown vegetables:
1 potato, scrubbed not peeled
3 carrots, scrubbed not peeled
3 stalks of celery
1 onion, peeled

Chop all ingredients into small chunks, add to 2 quarts of boiling water and simmer covered for 40 minutes. Optional: add 3 tablespoons of Miso and stir in. Strain and drink broth only, if on liquids-only fasting.

What a liquids-only diet is

A liquids-only diet is not taking any solid foods or solid foods that have been liquefied, pureed, or blended. The liquids should be clear of any solid particles. This will allow the Toxin Absorber that is mixed with apple juice to bind easily to the surface of your intestines without the interference of any solid food covering the intestinal surface.

The reason we recommend apple juice and not citrus

Apple juice is the only juice to completely harmonize detoxification and support colon cleansing in this way. The next best juice choice would be pear juice; it works well on the digestive system, but does not have the added benefits of apple juice.

Citrus should be completely avoided as it tends to stir up more toxins than the soon-to-be-cleansed, eliminative channels can process all at once and thus may cause you more discomfort than is necessary.

For expanded information on juices, see Recommended Juices.

You should not be hungry all the time

Taking Toxin Absorber™ five times a day will greatly reduce hunger pains. Also, you can have an organic vegetable soup broth (see recipe above) or more apple juice if you need a little extra energy. Most people report they do not feel hungry during the cleanse.

Books you can read to learn more about different types of diets

You are encouraged to start with whatever is your usual type of diet and begin to modify it for healthier changes. That alone is enough to encourage and support your body for cleansing. The books given below will help you do that. Some of you will be ready to move to a totally new type of diet. The most cleansing and nutritious diet is a whole foods, plant-based diet with whatever amount of raw/living foods and juices you are comfortable with. If you are on a mainstream American diet, you can begin with the same group of foods you are used to eating; that is, meat, dairy, eggs, vegetables, etc., just learn how to prepare them in new and healthier ways. If you are ready for even more of change, choose your next level and enjoy!

Standard American Diet with Healthy Changes

Cooking the RealAge Way
-Michael F. Rosen, MD & John LaPuma, MD

The Golden Door Cooks
Light & Easy

-Chef Michael Stroot

The Professional Chef’s Techniques of Healthy Cooking
2nd Edition

-The Culinary Institute of America


Moosewood Restaurant Low-Fat Favorites
-The Moosewood Collective

The New Moosewood Cookbook
-Mollie Katzen


The Self-Healing Cookbook
-Kristina Turner


The Balanced Plate
-Renee Loux

The American Vegetarian Cookbook from the Fit for Life Kitchen
-Marilyn Diamond

Raw Food

Hooked on Raw

Living on Live Food
-Alissa Cohen

Raw Food Real Wood
-Matthew Kenney & Sarma Melngailis

Raw Juices

Juicing for Health
-Julie Stafford

The Juiceman's Power of Juicing
-Jay Kordich

You will still benefit if you don’t change your diet

If this is your first experience with a natural health program, you will find the Colon Cleansing Kit™ fun to take and notice an immediate increase in energy.* Once you have experienced the positive changes of a cleanse, you may be ready to go deeper. If so, try cleansing the next time, with healthier diet modifications for an even more powerful cleanse.

If you eat during the Colon Cleansing Kit™, you may not get out the plaque

You may get out small bits, but it takes fasting on liquids to allow the Toxin Absorber™ to bind to the “plaque” rather than solid food in order to move the plaque out. That is why we say there are three ways to use the Kit. If you elect to eat, you will not get out any large amount of plaque, but you will still be cleansing and eliminating toxins throughout your intestinal system as well as establishing regularity and rejuvenating your digestion.*

Salt in your diet

Salt plays an important role within the body. We all need salt. Salt helps balance the amount of water within every cell of our bodies. Too much or too little salt can lead to imbalance. It is best to limit the amount of refined table salt in our diets, as well as processed foods that contain high amounts of this type of salt. We all know the dangers of this. It is important to note that too little salt can be equally as dangerous. You’ll need to find the amount of salt that is best for you in your daily diet. Athletes and those who exercise regularly will need to ingest more salt than those who are not active, as they lose more salt while sweating. It is best to use sources of salt, such as Celtic Sea Salt, that are processed without additives, chemicals, or heat so that they remain an excellent source of trace minerals. You can find this at your local natural food store or at The Grain and Salt Society (800) 687-7258. Another wonderful natural source of sodium is seaweed. Some varieties require cooking, while others can be eaten raw or powdered and added to food or drink.

Caffeine intake while cleansing

The average daily consumption of caffeine for Americans is 280 milligrams (mg) a day. The average cup of coffee has 40–120 mg of caffeine, black tea 40–70 mg and soft drinks 30–50 mg. One teabag of our Refreshing Green Tea Blend™ has around 5 mg of caffeine; the same amount in a cup of decaffeinated coffee or tea. It takes 100 mg of caffeine or more a day to produce dependence on it. Excessive amounts of caffeine, more than 500 mg a day, causes serious side effects.

While it is best to avoid the average daily level of “caffeine” drinks or foods during cleansing because of over stimulation of the liver, kidneys, adrenal glands and heart, we realize for some people this will mean experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Remember we are trying to free up the body’s energy to make it more available for cleansing, not expend that energy for the sake of stimulation alone. The best alternative is to have as many cups (10 cups maximum a day) of the Refreshing Green Tea Blend™ as you need to minimize the effects of withdrawal, and keep you fully functional. It averages less than 5 mg of caffeine per tea bag, and comes with the support of ten other cleansing, mineral rich and high antioxidant herbs that help balance this small amount of caffeine.

If your withdrawal symptoms are keeping you from performing your daily functions and the Refreshing Green Tea Blend™ is not making enough of a difference for you, we suggest restricting your intake to not more than 1 cup of coffee or black tea a day. You may use honey for a sweetener, but never use sugar. Avoid caffeinated soft drinks completely.

Alcoholic beverages while cleansing

It would be better if you didn’t drink alcohol while cleansing. It won’t harm you unless you drink too much, but then again it won’t help it either. It takes energy to cleanse and drinking alcohol will divert some of that energy away from cleansing. For optimum results do not use alcoholic beverages while cleansing.

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