the Organic Superfood™

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The Organic Superfood™ is our great tasting premium blend of organic food supplements which include twenty-two whole food ingredients, packed with essential amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and bio-flavinoids to help your body stay cleansed and provide balanced nutrition every day.

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the Organic Superfood™
What is the Organic Superfood™?
the Organic Superfood
The Organic Superfood™ is a combination of 22, whole food ingredients, all
certified organically grown. They include wheat and barley grass juices,
spirulina, sprouts, mushrooms, berries and traditional Western tonic herbs. They are powdered and packaged in a convenient 10 gram packet. Simply mix with water or juice drink. This daily maintenance formula of superfoods is packed with superior nutrition to help meet the demands placed on your body in today's highly toxic and stressful environments.*
22 Nutrient-Rich
Certified Organically Grown
Whole Foods
  • Fortify your daily nutritional needs
  • Promote cleansing & detoxification
  • Support regularity
  • Boost immunity
  • Increase energy and vitality
  • Enhance mental clarity
  • Provide antioxidant support*
Ways to Take the Organic Superfood:
Daily Nutrition
It is often difficult to eat a well rounded diet that you need for optimum health. With the Organic Superfood you will be taking in 22 nutrient rich and all certified organically grown ingredients to fortify your daily, nutritional needs with a full complement of vitamins, minerals and protein. Just take a look at the sidebar on the right to see what is in the Organic Superfood and how each group of ingredients supports your body.
With the Colon Cleansing Kit
If losing energy, while on the liquid fast of the Colon Cleansing Kit, is a problem for you, then take the Organic Superfood along with your cleansing program. You will really appreciate the extra boost that it gives. It is best to take two hours after taking Toxin Absorber to assure maximum absorption of the Organic Superfood nutrition. Just remember that, unlike a regular meal, the energy usually only lasts for about an hour. If you time it right, you can have up to five drinks of the Organic Superfood each day of the Colon Cleansing Kit fast.
Kelp granules†
Kale leaf†
Wheat grass juice
Wheat Grass juice powder†
Barley Grass juice powder†
After Cleansing to Rebuild
Once you have finished either a colon or internal cleanse, the body puts its energy back into rebuilding any weak areas uncovered during cleansing. With its full complement of vitamins and minerals and all 22 essential amino acids, the Organic Superfood is able to give your body the building blocks it needs, in an easy to assimilate form, even if your diet is not optimal.
Acerola berry†
Appetite Suppressant
Taking one packet of the Organic Superfood mixed in a glass of water, just 30 minutes before a meal, will satisfy any body cravings, because of its rich and dense nutrition. You will find that this "full and satisfied" feeling will suppress your appetite.
Low Calorie Snack
There are only 35 calories in each packet of the Organic Superfood, when mixed with water. Even though the calories are low, the nutrition is high. It helps curb your cravings by meeting your nutritional needs.

Creating the Organic Superfood™ - an Herbal Ingredient Challenge

Creating a Superfood formula was a challenge. Blessed Herbs began by researching foods and herbs that can be taken daily on a continuing basis. The list was almost endless – but was finally narrowed down to almost one hundred different ingredients. Some had dynamite nutrition or herbal toning qualities, but they also had a texture or consistency that would resist being blended easily into a powdered blend or dissolving in water. Some tasted so bad, no one would ever want to come back a second time to eat it.

Now the field was narrowed down to about 50 ingredients; all organically grown and nutritionally superior. Blessed Herbs then set about designing a mixture that delivered a neutral, fresh, green, just from-the-garden kind of taste. That is why the taste of Organic Superfood is fresh and good in a wholesome sort of way. The more you have of it, the more it grows on you, and the more you want it.

Some ingredients, while potent, simply didn’t pass the “taste test.” Some were borderline; at first they tasted good, but then a bitter aftertaste started coming on. A few of these were kept in the formula as they were outstanding in their benefits for the body. The smell of every ingredient was also noted, because often the first whiff of something is inviting or can turn you away; there were some ingredients that were crossed off the list for just this reason.
Alfalfa sprouts†
Millet sprouts†
Oat sprouts†
Quinoa sprouts†
Red Clover
Red Clover sprouts†
Agaricus mycelia†
Cordyceps mycelia†
Lion's Mane
Lion's Mane mycelia†
Maiitake mycelia†
Reishi mycelia†
Shiitake mycelia†
Tonic herbs
Burdock root†
Dandelion leaf†
Parsley leaf†
Stinging Nettle
Stinging Nettle leaf†

†Certified organically grown

At this point, the ingredients list was down to 22 of the most nutritionally packed, best tasting, foods and herbal tonics. Now round two of testing began. The ingredients were compared for their color, texture, aroma, and flavor. Fresher is better. It is a "better" that you can taste. By comparing so many samples, a continuum of quality became apparent. Of course, we chose only the Best for our superfood formula, the Organic Superfood™. The result was the mother lode: twenty-two of the best tasting, certified organically grown foods and herbs just packed with nutrition and health benefits.

Many of the Blessed Herbs designers consume Superfood every day. In blind taste tests, Superfood compares favorably with any similar product out there. That’s what makes the Organic Superfood WOW! Factor. Our Blessed Herbs formula actually tastes good and is something that a caring, conscientious consumer will want to drink every day.

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Contents and Ingredients of the Organic Superfood™

Note: the sidebar to the right has photos of all the ingredients in the
Organic Superfood.

the Organic Superfood™
Supplement Facts

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Suggested Use

Add one packet to 12 oz. of water or juice and stir well and drink. You may add more liquid after drinking to get any powder that may stick to the sides and bottom of your glass. If this is your first time taking the Organic Superfood™ begin with 1/4 of a packet and gradually build up to a full packet, over the next six days. You can take as many as six packets per day.

  • NOT to be taken during pregnancy, because of the presence of Parsley leaf and Red Clover sprouts
  • NOT to be taken with inflammatory kidney disease, because of the presence of Parsley leaf
  • May interfere with anticoagulant medications, due to the presence of Red Clover sprouts

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