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April 7, 2014
"My results have been great so far"
I have just finished the colon cleanse. It is the first successful cleanse I've done, as I have caved in the middle of a juice cleanse and master cleanse due to being so hungry I couldn't continue. I was not hungry during the blessed herb cleanse though it was certainly a challenge. Also, If you're thinking this product is's not compared to what you spend on vegetables to do a juice cleanse. My results have been great so far. I am 34 and in good health other than psoriasis on my elbows. My psoriasis is already starting to clear up on day 6 here and I plan on starting the internal cleanse in 5 days. There were times during the last 5 days when I was having strong cleansing reactions (brain fog and nausea). I wanted to eat something to feel better. I assure you...push through these times. This is when the most progress is being made. All the grossest stuff came out afterward and I felt great the next day. Also, do enemas. They will make you feel better. - Dina Z.
March 31, 2014
"I feel more energetic and alive again!!!"
I tried Blessed Herb and I weighed 192 lbs and now I weigh 176 lbs. I'm eating right now and also went back to walking and running again. I feel more energetic and alive again!!! - Brandy C.
March 28, 2014
"Thanks for a great product! "
After the cleanse, I am a few pounds lighter and feel less bloated then I did before the cleanse. Thanks for a great product! - Jennie S.
March 18, 2014
"I lost 12 pounds on the fast"
The first two days of the all liquid fast were the toughest, but I would step on the scale each day and see that my fasting was helping me to drop pounds! I lost 12 pounds on the fast. My energy level has been up ever since! - Cynthia D
March 18, 2014
"It works great and is very simple"
This is the 5th year that I have done a total body cleanse/detox. With the recommendation of my ND, I use the Blessed Herb Colon Cleanse. It works great and is very simple. Not always convenient but simple. - Patricia M
February 10, 2014
"Try It!"
You will see results! - Eilikrina
January 3, 2014
"7 years and still love this product"
I bought this kit a long time ago and I still have a few packets left.I don't use it too often but it's great stuff. I race motorcycles seriously as a hobby and I eat a lot of meat; I'm horribly gluten intolerant. This stuff helps keep me balanced and feeling great! I really like it. I was worried I'd forgotten the name of the company.
December 19, 2013
The kit "Colon Cleansing" is a must do once a year for me and my husband. All liquids option. We do it at the beginning of every year when all the holidays dinners are over. The benefits I receive at the end of this cleanse is; I feel energize, my inner happiness feels in its highs level, I loss weight (at least 6-7lbs), I feel healthy, but my favorite part is my facial skin gets gorgeous! It gets this youthful, healthy, glowy look. I love it! It's almost like you wash away all the impurities, negative energy, stress and everything else we put our mind and body through every year. So, we start our new year feeling happy, healthy, energized, excited and looking good lol. I highly recommend this product, is well organized, instructions are easy to follow, it gives you a few options depending on your health condition, it comes with the supplies you need "shaker, calendar". We Love it :0).
December 10, 2013
"Tried and True"
This is my 4th year doing this colon cleanse. I do it in December so it helps me to avoid too much of the holiday treats. It has assisted me to maintain the same healthy weight without putting on the 5 lbs. a year that many adults add. Each year I have had better and better results. I have always done the best option, The first year I actually did not see plaque until the day I started back on solid foods...then I saw several feet that day. The following years I saw plaque on the 1st or 2nd day of liquids only and it just kept coming, a little each day and it was bringing out some extremely dark stuff that did not get to exit the first time! I have had to enema a few times to get things moving each cleanse, a fleet enema from the grocery store usually works fine. I don't feel hungry while doing the cleanse but of course food always smells tempting. Just stick with it, it will be over before you know it and you will be glad!
August 14, 2013
" All I can say is wow!"
I just finished 10 days of the Best Option for the Colon Cleanse & all I can say is Wow! I didn't think I could do it but I'm sure glad I did. Now I'm getting ready to start the Internal Cleanse By; Barbara T.
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