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July 28, 2014
"It wa great"
This is my 3rd colon cleanse. It was great. I did it to kick off a healthier eating regimen and the 7 lbs weight loss was an added bonus. :) - Dorell M.
July 28, 2014
"Best I've Found"
This colon cleanse is the best I've found and works everything time. It is my schedule to do every 6 months. - Linda E.
July 28, 2014
"Life Changing"
The 1st colon cleanse I did about 2003 was life-changing. I have not done a complete colon cleanse recently but have a kit. Did a full-body cleanse about 6 yrs ago, it was beneficial. I have one on hand right now. - Douglas S.
July 28, 2014
"I love the colon cleanse"
I love the colon cleanse, it is super effective, and has helped me to cleanse and detox tremendously! I have lost weight, my core has toned up, and I feel much lighter with less worry and anxiety. Thank you for making such a great product! - Carolyn C.
July 25, 2014
"I have never felt better"
After hesitating for quite some time whether or not this kit will do anything for me, I went ahead and bought into it...and thank God I did! For well over a year now, I have been feeling ill health, pains in my side, broken sleep, low/no energy...since taking the cleanse, I haven't experienced any of these symptoms, I have enough energy to get back out and exercise, and I have never felt better. Thanks so much! - Ann Marie
July 25, 2014
"Have never felt better"
I just completed my 3rd colon cleansing (over the past 18 months) using your recommended "BEST" method, and have never felt better. When I turned 49 years old, I committed to lead a healthier life by eating better and exercising more. To accomplish this, I figured I would first need to try and reverse all of the years of toxins I built up in my digestive system. By chance I discovered the Blessed Herb Colon Cleansing Kit, and used it as a "springboard" to begin living a healthier life. During my initial cleanse, I found it a bit challenging only during the first day of the 5 day all liquid program, but then my body acclimated to the routine, and the following 4 days were just plain easy. After the initial cleanse was complete, I switched to organic foods when available, and substituted spring water for soda. The result - I feel terrific, I have more energy, and lost a total of 32 pounds. To maintain my success, I have been on a regiment to cleanse once every 6 months and could never have accomplished this without your product. - Steven G.
July 24, 2014
"Once removed I felt like I was walking on air!"
For those of you that think this kit or these testimonials/pics are a farce, I assure you, they are not. While I choose not to provide visual testimonies of my results, I can tell you that what is advertised is the wholehearted truth. I'm now 30, and I have done the kit twice now in the past few years, aiming for my 3rd soon. After the first time, I couldn't believe what was housed in my system! Once removed I felt like I was walking on air! I lost some weight due to internal waste and toxin removal, and during the fasting process I was able to get a good foundation started for eating healthier afterwards, knowing what is left behind when cleanses aren't done or never have been. It's an easy kit to do and well worth the money to rid yourself of the waste and toxins we house. You will feel so much better afterwards. - Laura
July 24, 2014
"I couldn't believe what I saw come out of me I was so shocked I actually called my female co-worker into the bathroom and begged her to look"
Oh My GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD If I hadn't seen it for myself I never would have believed it. You know the term seeing is believing well that statement couldn't be more true. I ordered the cleansing kit about a week ago and it actually took me four days to figure out how many Digestive simulators it would take to keep me on track with three bowel movements in a day's time and when I finally reached eight I said to myself I must really have serious stuff going on inside of me. Well at this point I was all excited about getting started with my five day fast. So here it is day one wasn't so bad, yet I was little concerned because nothing was happening I even said to my co-worker " It's a good thing there's a 100% guarantee on this stuff because I maybe calling them for my money back. However I decided to go ahead with it so day two I was feeling terrible I had headaches, my stomach felt like it was turning upside down and when it came time for my second dose of Toxin Absorber I really didn't think I was going to make it through the drink but I did, well 20 minutes later I was made into a believer I felt like I needed to use the bathroom but not to the point of cramping. However when I went in and handled my business I couldn't believe what I saw come out of me I was so shocked I actually called my female co-worker into the bathroom and begged her to look well she finally agreed and we were both at awe. Now that I have two more days to go I find myself more excited than I've ever been about having a bowel movement. - Eva
July 24, 2014
"Now, day 6, I have no bulge...really...it's COMPLETELY gone. I no longer have painful intercourse!! My allergies are nearly gone"
I just wanted to first say THANK YOU! About eight months ago I went to the doctor because I was having severe abdominal pain, which I'd had for quite some time, along with severe constipation. I had a bulge in my abdomen that was really tight and was causing a lot of pain, but I never really thought much of it since I was dieting and exercising. When I went to the doctor, she could not figure out what was wrong with me. She did not say anything about the bulge and just sent me to get an ultrasound. After saying that she couldn't find anything wrong with me, she sent me home with 3 different prescription medications. Those did nothing. Sure, they worked the first day, but never cured the problem. I started going to yoga in hopes that maybe I needed some other sort of cure. Upon my initial meeting, my yoga instructor was feeling my stomach and said that it was really tense and could not figure out why for the entire 2 months I was there. So, after all these attempts, including dieting and exercising and switching to organic food... I just decided the problem was just not going to go away. My other problems seemed to have been getting worse though. My headaches had increased in intensity. My bladder seemed to have been getting more and more sore. And my allergies were at their extreme. Finally, my fiance and I decided we would do this colon cleanse. The first few days (including the pre-cleanse) were pretty basic, nothing much came out. Although, I did have a superficial cleansing reaction. I had to leave work because I had a migraine...I was coddled up on the floor nearly in tears! This was only the second day of the pre-cleanse. That's when I KNEW I was toxic. Finally, day two I started getting the plaque to come out. It was rough at first because it just didn't want to come out. I literally had to pull it out. It was like yarn! It was uncomfortable and not at all what I had expected. This continued through day three. I was getting more and more everyday though. So, I had hope. Finally, on day four, I had the most unbelievable bowel movement EVER. I could not believe what came out of me that morning. My fiance was in shock all day long, in fact. After that, I didn't have problems going. All day I was releasing some of the grossest stuff I've ever seen in my life. I feel sick thinking about it. It was pretty much constant all day too. I was at a complete loss for words. Now, day 6, I have no bulge...really...it's COMPLETELY gone. I no longer have painful intercourse!! My allergies are nearly gone... which I was told would never happen the rest of my life (I have hives whenever my fiance touches my face, and seasonal allergies). Oh yeah, and I also have had a problem with sleeping, taking Benadryl every night just to help me sleep a few hours at a time at night. Guess what? I haven't slept better in my life!! I feel AMAZING. I doubted this at first when I was having to pull stuff out of my behind, but OH MY GOODNESS!! - I am going to become a regular. You saved my life!! THANK YOU!! - Dawn
July 24, 2014
"I have continued to take this product and have completely stopped taking any laxatives, totally"
Dear People, I have to tell you, as I've told all my friends and family, this is the best product I've ever taken. I have struggled with constipation since I was a young girl. Getting older I am now hypocalcemic and I take so much calcium daily that I am forced to take extreme amounts of laxatives. They were getting where they didn't even. I tried you colon cleanse program with this digestive stimulator. I have continued to take this product and have completely stopped taking any laxatives, totally. I didn't know that my stomach was suppose to feel any different than it did, hurt, full, bloated. This is remarkable. Thank you very, very much for making this lifesaving product. - Connie M.
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