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April 7, 2014
"We're so thankful to find a natural solution to this problem"
After back surgery, my husband was given many painkillers which really messed up his stomach and bowels, so badly he was in the hospital on a stomach pump for almost a week. Things had never gone back to normal until a friend told us about Blessed Herbs. We both went on a cleanse (me for 7 days, he did it for 12 days). Then he continued with the digestive stimulator, using just one a day. As long as he keeps using it regularly, he has no trouble. We ran out of them at one point and everything shut down. (It's pretty gross, because what can't be eliminated normally comes back up!). These pills gave him back a relatively normal life again (apart from his back injury of course). We're so thankful to find a natural solution to this problem. Thank you. - Penny C.
March 24, 2014
I adore this product! Due to a medical condition I had to take prescription medications which completely dried out my insides. I wasn't able to use the bathroom more then once a week. Unfortunately even prescription laxatives wouldn't do the job. One night with this medicine and I was able to have completely normal movement inside and restored well being! This product has drastically changed my life, I take it everyday! Thank you soi credibly much for making this seriously quality product please don't ever stop :)
March 18, 2014
"Love your products"
The Digestive stimulator is wonderful and can't live without it. - Laura G
March 18, 2014
"Excellent product"
Excellent products that can be termed a wholistic approach to maintaining and managing health in all systems of the body if followed according to the daily doses over a month. Other wise you can use individuals formulas to increase the integrity of individual areas such as the digestive system which tends to get overloaded with processed foods, chemicals and insecticides pesticides and drugs from the modern diet. Also the over consumption of Bad fats and ionised salt and nitrates in take away food and pre packaged foods leaves and digestive system clogged and not functioning to its optimum. This can have a flow on effect to all other systems within the body or what ever area is the less robust in an individual can become compromised and lead to greater health concerns and risk factors over time. Do yourself a favour take some herbs to get rid of the accumulated wastes that has built up over time that can leave you sluggish, dull and less energised in your 30s 40s and 50s and beyond, eat unprocessed organic foods and meditate daily to calm your mind in this potentially over stimulated, stressful lives that we can find ourselves in over the course of our lives. - Christine W
January 26, 2014
"Love This Product!!"
Had to stock up while the sale was on. I cannot go one day without these! Thank You Blessed Herbs!
- Debby
December 11, 2013
"The BEST Gentle herabl laxative in THE WHOLE WORLD"
As a chiropractor, I have learned that there are two types of people who suffer from constipation. Those who are helped by extra fiber and those who are not. Not only does fiber not help some, it can make some people much worse. If fiber makes you feel worse, THIS is the product for you. The Digestive Stimulator works by promoting health along the whole digestive tract. This product is non-irritating, gentle and VERY effective. I always have my shelves stocked with Digestive Stimulator. Bless you for this product.
- 3275
June 11, 2013
I have had problems with my bowels my entire life. Digestive stimulator is a miracle. I have been using this product now for 3 months and am very satisfied with the results.
May 17, 2013
I just have to say how amazed I am by this product. It is so gentle yet effective!! A lot of times you get cramping etc. with these types of products but this one isn't like that. You get amazing results within just hours of taking them! THANK YOU so much BLESSED HERBS!
- Javan
March 20, 2013
"Digestive Stimulator"
I have had issues with regularity my entire life. I take one of these capsules at bedtime each day and I have no problems any longer. LOVE THIS PRODUCT.
November 25, 2012
"The only cure for constipation! "
Digestive Stimulator is amazing. It is the ONLY product (and I've tried them all) that keeps me regular. I've been taking 4-5 caps daily for several years, with no ill effects. I love to stock up when it's on sale. Gentle, daily bowel movements with no gas. All natural ingredients. Awesome!
- Sarah
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