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Joint Relief

Joint Relief

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Natural, Herbal relief for joint stiffness and discomfort*

Blessed Herbs™ Joint Relief is a carefully crafted combination of powerful botanical herbs researched and formulated by our master herbalists. The result is an all-natural joint health solution comprised of different organic ingredient blends that work together to support all your moving parts!*

Joint Comfort Blend: Boswellia, Turmeric, White Willow & Tart Cherry relieve joint discomfort, irritation and stiffness, helping to ward off the uncomfortable physiological manifestations of environmental and emotional stress on your body.*

Joint Mobility Blend: Ginger, Holy Basil, Celery Seed & Devil’s Claw extracts promote healthy circulation and fluid levels within your joints, encouraging your body’s natural healing process as well as muscle & connective tissue health.*

Sea Vegetable Detox Blend: This nutrient-rich combination of oceanic botanicals is packed with Calcium and other nutrients which support robust, healthy joint tissue. Together with a wide variety of plant flavonoid compounds found in Blessed Herbs™ Joint Relief ingredients, the Sea Vegetable blend helps to protect joint tissue from the potentially damaging effects of free radicals.*


Blessed Herbs™ Joint Relief eases tired muscles and aching joints by promoting connective tissue health and boosting your natural immune & nervous system response to stress – so you enjoy worry-free movement, improved range of motion and aggravation-free mobility.*

Don’t suffer another minute: try the Blessed Herbs™ natural, holistic approach to joint support and health that can help free you from stiffness and discomfort!*

Herbal Ingredients: Joint Comfort Blend

  • Turmeric – Native to Asia, Turmeric contains curcumin, a medicinally active plant compound that promotes antioxidant and anti-inflammatory protection and encourages a healthy response to stress.*

  • Boswellia Serrata – Sometimes called Shallaki, this plant contains active compounds that promote circulation & mobility (especially in the mornings when stiffness is at its peak) by encouraging a healthy inflammatory response.*

  • Tart Cherry – Sometimes called sour cherry, Prunus cerasus boasts some of the strongest bioflavonoids. Tart Cherry compounds provide antioxidant benefits and botanical nutrition for joint health.*

  • White Willow Bark – Paired with celery seed, Salix alba induces a healthy, soothing response to pain. White Willow also helps calm minor muscle spasms.*

Herbal Ingredients: Joint Mobility Blend

  • Devil’s Claw – Harpagophytum procumbens is native to Southern Africa. The active glycoside compounds in Devil’s Claw promote joint comfort & a healthy inflammatory response to pain.*

  • Holy Basil – Ocimum tenuiflorum is included in Joint Relief formula because of its broad-spectrum antioxidant support and ability to bolster the body’s natural immune response to stress.*

  • Ginger Root – Ginger is a staple of many herbal recipes due to its powerful antioxidant ability to scavenge free radicals. Ginger root supports an ideal inflammatory and circulatory response in problem joints.*

  • Celery Seed – Celery seeds are good for healthy muscles and uric acid levels. As such, celery seed promotes calm muscles and nerves, helping to wipe the strains of a long day from your weary limbs and joints.*

Herbal Ingredients: Sea Vegetable Blend

  • Laminaria Japonica – Called Kombu and a commercially cultivated type of brown kelp, this seaweed in extract form promotes gastro-intestinal health and thyroid balance. Brown seaweeds contain some of the most easily absorbable forms of calcium – a principle nutrient for joint health.*

  • Ascophyllum Nodosum – Another brown seaweed, Ascophyllum is also known as Rockweed or Norwegian Kelp. Rockweed is packed with macro nutrients such as calcium and is thought to have healthy inflammatory properties and promote immune system function.*

  • Macrocystis Pyrifera – This species of seaweed is also known as Giant Kelp. It is quite common in the Pacific Ocean, and is rich in iodine, potassium and other minerals. Like many Kelp species, Giant Kelp is an excellent source of heavy metal detoxifier compounds called alginates.*

  • Alaria Esculenta – This edible sometimes known as Winged Kelp, and contains iodine and other nutrients including the more bioactive forms of calcium, much like other Kelp species.*

Supplement Facts

Joint Support

Supplement Facts

Servings Size 2 Capsules

Servings Per Container: 30

  Amount Per Serving % DV
Proprietary Joint Comfort Blend 500 mg *
Turmeric root (std. ext. to 95% Curcuminoids)
Boswellia gum resin (std. ext. to 40% Boswellic acids)
Tart Cherry fruit 4:1 extract
White Willow bark 4:1 extract
Proprietary Joint Mobility Blend 450 mg *
Devil's Claw root (std. ext. to 2.5% Harpagosides)
Holy Basil leaf (std. ext. to 2.5% Ursolic acids)
Ginger root 10:1 extract
Celery seed powder
Sea Vegetable Detox Blend 250 mg *
Laminaria japonica, Ascophyllum nodosum, Macrocystis pyrifera, Alaria esculenta,
Ecklonia kurome powders
* Daily Value (DV) not established

OTHER INGREDIENTS: All natural plant capsule.


Customer Reviews 1 item(s)

1 Item(s)

WOW...The real deal!
Bought through Amazon and wow...did it do the trick. I first thought it might be a placebo process but after the second bottle, it is the real deal! My ankle with traumatic arthritis is ALWAYS problematic and this product reduced inflammation and pain. Thank you.
Review by Mike / (Posted on 5/15/2015)
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