My 18 year old son is having issues with yeast. Help!

It is difficult to pinpoint exact causes as we do not know your son or his health history so we cannot diagnose, treat, cure or prevent anything – speaking with your healthcare provider would be beneficial for a more exact diagnosis.

Very broadly, yeast can sometimes be caused from the intestines reacting to allergens or food sensitivities which results in the sinus congestion, mucous build up around the eyes and loss of concentration symptoms. The environment of the gut personality then becomes home to fungal yeast infections. The nervous system is interrelated to the brain functions via neurotransmitters in the gut receptors, so the gut mucosa can be considered an extension of our nervous function.

Both our Internal Cleanse Kit and Colon Cleanse Kits are designed to get the gut back to level homeostasis and healthy balance. Either of these kits will help with yeast issues.

- James Sullivan, N.D.

Jim Sullivan, ND

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