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5 Quick and Easy Rejuvenation Tips

What to do to Rejuvenate yourself between cleanses!

Rejuvenating yourself this summer isn’t just about cleansing your body and digestive organs. It can also be about small, incremental lifestyle changes that don’t seem like much when considered individually, but when combined as a whole can change the way you act, look – and even feel. Check out these 5 easy tips for home-made rejuvenation!

Tip 1 – Switch from Coffee to Tea

easy rejuvenationAs a purveyor of all kinds of natural wellness, we should tell you to avoid caffeine as much as possible. This stimulant can be a hindrance when cleansing, especially – but let’s face it, the modern world revolves around caffeine. So how can you step up your Summer Rejuvenation, without giving up the juice? Switch from coffee to tea.

Both coffee and tea contain caffeine – but that’s where the similarities end. Tea (as you probably learned all about last month) if rife with potent antioxidants and other active plant compounds that aid your body against the ravages of free radicals. If you’re quaffing something as delicious as Green Tea, you’ll enjoy the cardiovascular health, cholesterol management, and even weight loss benefits of one of the best teas out there.

Plus, our Refreshing Green Tea Blend from Blessed Herbs is packed with several other nutritious and deoxidizing herbs & botanicals for maximum benefit!

Tip 2 – Get More Sleep

Want a single-step way to change your quality of life? Get more sleep. Seriously: Americans are one of the most sleep deprived nations in the modern world – and it contributes to more than just bleary eyes and rush hour traffic. Sleep (getting enough of it, anyway) can aid your quest for weight loss, emotional well-being, and a host of other health benefits, from bolstering your immune system to staving off heart disease.

Rack time is also when your body does most of its healing and recharging. If you’re having trouble getting yourself into bed at a reasonable hour, try this: Set your alarm for 15 minutes before when you should go to bed: not just when you should be waking up in the morning. Even if you don’t drop everything and hit they hay, you’ll at least start wrapping up your day.

One other sleep-improvement tip: turn off screens like TVs, laptops, and multimedia devices. These things keep your brain from slowing down for sleep-mode!

Tip 3 – Practice Breathing/Relaxation Techniques

How you breath and when often is a direct reflection on your health. This goes way beyond taking a deep breath once in a while; clearing (and then filling) your lungs can have rejuvenating effects on you, whether you’re trying to wake up and greet the day, or doze off to sleep at night. According to a recent post on DoctorOz.com, here are a few that you can try out anytime, as needed:

Attractive young woman doing yogaMorning Breath – The first technique is called “Morning Elongation Breathing” and is a great way to wake yourself up and start your day. First, stand up straight (which WILL require you to get out of bed) and reach for the sky, stretching your arms out as high as you can above your head. Then, inhale until your lungs are full, and bend slowly over at the waist, exhaling slowly.

Your arms should drape towards the ground and you should have exhaled completely by the time your fingers are brushing the floor. Slowly right yourself (keeping your arms extended) and inhale slowly until your lungs are full again and you’re standing straight up with your arms above your head. Do this 3 times. This stretches your body, lungs and mind and gets you ready to begin your day!

Alertness Breathing – this exercise is much quicker, but can be done almost anywhere. It helps jump start your body’s reaction, sharpen your senses and basically get your heart pumping, without caffeine. You can do this one sitting down. Fill your lungs, and then inhale and exhale quick, little breaths in rapid succession.

Do this for about 15 seconds, or as long as you can do it for. See? Your heart rate should be mildly elevated, and your mind focused and ready for your next challenge. Discontinue this one if you feel short of breath at any point of if you’re suffering from heart or lung conditions.

Belly Breathing – This one is the polar opposite of “Morning Breath”. It is designed to get your body ready for sleep, as how you breathe while you’re resting is a big part of your body’s reset and recuperation. Place your right hand on your chest and your left hand square on your belly in front of you. Now inhale deeply, slowly: your right hand shouldn’t move, but your left should push outwards as your diaphragm (and thus, your stomach) expands outwards.

When your lungs are full, purse your lips and push the air out slowly between them until your left hand returns to the same position it started in, and your lungs are nearly empty. Repeat this exercise slowly 3 times. You should be feeling more relaxed and ready to drift off in no time!

Tip 4 – Eat more Vegetables

If you’re already a vegetarian, good for you: there are so many benefits to this kind of diet (if executed correctly) that we cannot list them all here. But, if you’re not, consider this: veggies are packed with different kinds of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients your body needs.

You’ll get different doses of nutrition from each different species of flora that you consume, so the wider the variety they healthier you’ll be! Plus, vegetables rarely have the same negative side effects of consuming a meat-heavy diet – and can be just as delicious!

Yoga ExerciseTip 5 – Start (or expand) your Exercises

If you’ve been meaning to get back in shape or simply take a walk after dinner – now is the time. Just a few minutes of vigorous exercise every day can do vast wonders for your health. Modest cardio is good for your heart, circulatory, respiratory, and digestive health.

“Cardio” is actually short for cardiovascular exercise – so it should come as no surprise that cardio can help strengthen your heart and lungs as well as reduce bad cholesterol and stave off boogeymen like diabetes. Combined with a healthy diet, starting or improving your exercise regimen is probably the single best pro-active thing you can do for your health.

Good luck – and don’t forget to try the Blessed Herbs Revive 5-Day Natural Cleanse!!


Donna Arand, PhD, DABSM, clinical director, Kettering Sleep Disorders Center, Dayton, Ohio.

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