• Start Your Day with a Refreshing Liver Detox

    As the primary organ of detoxification, your liver gets a workout every minute of the day filtering your body of ingested toxins and metabolic waste by-products. Doesn’t it make sense to give it a nutritious boost with detoxing foods that also provide antioxidant protection from all those nasty substances?

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  • Cold, Flu, Congestion? Make Sure Thyme is On Your Side

    One of the most common herbs used in cooking today has a fascinating history dating back to ancient Greece. In preparing for war, Greek soldiers were massaged with thyme oil, which was said to make them more courageous in battle. The Greeks thought so highly of thyme in their culture that they added it to their baths and burned bundles of the aromatic herb to purify their temples.

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  • The Gut-Wrenching Effects of Food Additives

    The Gut-Wrenching Effects of Food AdditivesIf you have been tuning out well-meaning advice urging you to switch to an organic whole food diet, reading this article may give you the motivation to get rid of packaged foods once and for all.  Read More

  • 5 Tips to Detox Your Body the Natural Way

    Fruits and VeggiesEnvironmental toxins are everywhere in our modern world, continually bombarding us from the food we eat, the air we breathe and the water we drink. And the consequences can be dire.  Read More

  • The Amazing Healing Power of Aloe Vera

    Aloe vera gel and fresh aloe leafThe aloe vera plant is one of the most popular botanicals in the world. Its soothing gel takes the sting out of sunburn and acts as a natural healing balm for cuts and scrapes. Aloe vera’s healing magic isn’t just confined to external use. Read More

  • How to Cleanse Your Colon the Natural Way

    If you have more than an occasional bout of constipation, chances are your diet is lacking in proper nutrition. In the case of your digestive tract, that means fresh foods that keep you regular, cleanse your colon and provide the important phyto-chemicals that neutralize harmful ingested pathogens and toxins.

    For those of you that are new to natural colon cleansing, here are ten great foods that will put you on the right track to comfortable bowel movements and a healthy colon.

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  • Why Your Digestive System is Smarter than You Think

    Whether you eat on the run or take your time to enjoy every mouthful, the process and ultimate goal of digestion is the same: to change food into a form that the body can absorb and use as energy or as the raw materials to repair and build new tissue. To that end, digestion is a process that is part mechanical and part chemical.

    Once your hungry stomach starts demanding nourishment or your sensory receptors pick up the tantalizing aroma of your favorite food being prepared, your digestive system is primed and ready to begin the process of providing your body with the energy and raw materials it needs.

    Here’s a look at the amazing work your digestive system performs with each bite of food you take.

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  • Why These 12 Natural Herbs are Growing in Popularity

    Why These 12 Natural Herbs are Growing in PopularityNatural herbs have had a long and rich history of use for medicinal purposes long before recorded history began. Even now, the World Health Organization estimates that 80% of the population worldwide still rely on herbs to treat a variety of medical issues. It’s not simply developing countries that turn to herbs for healing. In Germany for instance, 70% of physicians prescribe herb-based medications for their patients, with over 600 herbal preparations being used to treat a variety of ailments. The trend is growing too, as populations in industrialized nations become dissatisfied with prescription medications and their skyrocketing costs.

    To show you the multitude of benefits from natural herbs, here’s a look at 12 different herbal species and how they can be used in healing.

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  • 5 Herbal Teas to Relieve Digestive Discomfort

    Ginger If you enjoy a daily cup of two of brewed tea, you’ll be pleased to know that this pleasant-tasting herbal beverage has been highly regarded for centuries due to its natural properties that gently soothe and relieve a variety of health concerns.

    Take digestion for instance. For a few lucky souls with an “iron stomach,” digestive discomfort is rarely a health concern. Most of us however, fall into another category, with occasional bouts of constipation, gas, bloating and indigestion causing some degree of distress.

    This is where healing tea comes in, specifically herbal tea, with active ingredients that can soothe inflammation, relieve gas and encourage gentle bowel movements. If you need help for occasional digestive issues, Blessed Herbs suggests that you reach for a cup of all-natural herbal tea to relieve your discomfort.

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  • Native Americans had Constipation Too. Here’s What They Learned…

    Constipation is a problem that has been plaguing mankind since the beginning of time. In every culture on earth, native healers have sought out natural herbs to help fellow tribesmen move their bowels and relieve the misery of constipation. In North America for instance, Native Americans found that the dried, aged bark of the buckthorn tree when brewed as a tea, was an effective laxative to be taken as needed.

    When the Spanish later came to the Americas, they called this herbal remedy Cascara Sagrada, meaning sacred bark. So effective was Cascara Sagrada in relieving the universal problem of constipation that it became accepted by Western medicine in the 19th Century, becoming a popular herbal remedy prescribed by local doctors.

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