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  • Why Your Digestive System is Smarter Than You Think

    Whether you eat on the run or take your time to enjoy every mouthful, the process and ultimate goal of digestion is the same: to change food into a form that the body can absorb and use as energy or as the raw materials to repair and build new tissue. To that end, digestion is a process that is part mechanical and part chemical.  Read More

  • Why These 12 Natural Herbs are Growing in Popularity

    Natural herbs have had a long and rich history of use for medicinal purposes long before recorded history began. Even now, the World Health Organization estimates that 80% of the population worldwide still rely on herbs to treat a variety of medical issues. It’s not simply developing countries that turn to herbs for healing. In Germany for instance, 70% of physicians prescribe herb-based medications for their patients, with over 600 herbal preparations being used to treat a variety of ailments. The trend is growing too, as populations in industrialized nations become dissatisfied with prescription medications and their skyrocketing costs.

    To show you the multitude of benefits from natural herbs, here’s a look at 12 different herbal species and how they can be used in healing.

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  • 5 Herbal Teas to Relieve Digestive Discomfort

    If you enjoy a daily cup of two of brewed tea, you’ll be pleased to know that this pleasant-tasting herbal beverage has been highly regarded for centuries due to its natural properties that gently soothe and relieve a variety of health concerns.  Read More

  • Native Americans had Constipation Too. Here’s What They Learned…

    Constipation is a problem that has been plaguing mankind since the beginning of time. In every culture on earth, native healers have sought out natural herbs to help fellow tribesmen move their bowels and relieve the misery of constipation. In North America for instance, Native Americans found that the dried, aged bark of the buckthorn tree when brewed as a tea, was an effective laxative to be taken as needed.  Read More

  • 10 Foods That Are Ruining Your Digestion

    If you are living with chronic indigestion, irregular bowel movements, gas or bloating, it’s time to take stock of your diet. That’s because certain foods, especially if they are highly processed or full of fat and sugar can actually damage your digestive tract, killing off healthy bacteria, irritating your stomach lining and interfering with healthy bowel movements.

    What you should understand is that your digestive system may be just fine. The symptoms you experience could be a warning that you need to cut out certain unhealthy foods and replace them with foods that will nourish your entire body including your digestive system.

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  • Need Stress Relief? Try These 4 Natural Stress-Busters

    Stress can affect our eating habits in strange ways. A high-stress day may cause you to skip food altogether… or perhaps you think there is no time for a relaxing lunch or dinner so you grab a bag of chips and a soft drink and run out the door.   You know already that this is about the worst thing you can do on days you’re feeling stressed, especially when you consider that eating nutritionally sound foods can actually help you deal more effectively with the stress you are under.

    Let’s take a look at some great food choices you can make that may actually help to reduce those feelings of stress while providing your entire body with the nutrition it needs to fight off illness and stay energized throughout the day.

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  • The One Food You’re Not Eating for Optimal Immunity

    Mushrooms of all kinds are a delicious addition to entrees, soups and salads. Did you know though, that many varieties of this fungal delicacy are packed with nutritional components that keep your immune system working at its best?

    For instance, the Japanese shiitake mushroom is one of the most popular edible mushrooms in the world. Its history in both Japanese and Chinese cultures goes back centuries where it was consumed as a healthy plant protein and used by health practitioners to fight viruses, bacterial infections and parasites.

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  • Top Ten Superfoods You Need to Know About

    We’ve all heard of superfoods, but what are they really? Is a superfood any fruit or vegetable that supports your health, or is there more to it? Although there is not one universally accepted definition of what constitutes a superfood, holistic nutritionist Heidi Fagley offers this unscientific, yet totally understandable explanation:

    Superfoods are foods that go above and beyond. They pack in the good stuff that we all want rallying for our health on a daily basis. Although there are long lists of foods that contain nutrients that support health, superfoods turbo charge the system - especially when eaten on a regular basis.

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  • Why Do So Many Americans Have Digestive Problems?

    It’s hard to believe that nearly 1 in 5 Americans has some type of digestive problem including acid reflux, constipation, gall stones, inflammatory bowel disease and more. And that’s just for starters. A recent survey confirmed that 74% of Americans live with chronic digestive discomfort like gas, bloating and abdominal pain, with many toughing it out and never seeking treatment.  Read More

  • Natural Relief for Gluten and Lactose Sensitivity

    Could you have a mild to moderate sensitivity to certain foods and not even know it? Food allergies have been on the rise in recent years and experts in developed countries aren’t sure why.   Current estimates in the US show that about 15 million Americans of all ages are affected by food allergies including one in every 13 children, a 50% increase from 1997 to 2011.  Read More

  • The Mystery of Prebiotics and Probiotics Solved

    Did you know that your intestinal tract contains an astounding 100 trillion helpful bacteria (about 3 pounds worth) that are crucial for healthy digestion and immunity? This large army of probiotic soldiers is comprised of over 1000 different bacterial species and is as individual to you as your finger print. Regardless of individual differences though, gut microbiota is still tasked with providing digestive assistance and immune support in all of us.

    Because bacteria are living organisms, they rely on us, their hosts, to provide proper nourishment for their health and proliferation. But not just any food will do. In order to thrive and do their work, your gut bacteria need to consume certain non-digestible vegetable fibers called prebiotics, and the more you give them the healthier your digestive tract will be.

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  • Introducing Holistic Care for Your Digestive System from Blessed Herbs

    The master herbalists at Blessed Herbs have been hard at work in recent months formulating a brand new product formulated to help the millions of people that experience discomfort after meals due to digestive imbalance and insufficiencies.  Read More

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