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  • The Mystery of Prebiotics and Probiotics Solved

    naizo002Did you know that your intestinal tract contains an astounding 100 trillion helpful bacteria (about 3 pounds worth) that are crucial for healthy digestion and immunity? This large army of probiotic soldiers is comprised of over 1000 different bacterial species and is as individual to you as your finger print. Regardless of individual differences though, gut microbiota is still tasked with providing digestive assistance and immune support in all of us.

    Because bacteria are living organisms, they rely on us, their hosts, to provide proper nourishment for their health and proliferation. But not just any food will do. In order to thrive and do their work, your gut bacteria need to consume certain non-digestible vegetable fibers called prebiotics, and the more you give them the healthier your digestive tract will be.

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  • Introducing Holistic Care for Your Digestive System from Blessed Herbs

    The master herbalists at Blessed Herbs have been hard at work in recent months formulating a brand new product formulated to help the millions of people that experience discomfort after meals due to digestive imbalance and insufficiencies.

    Daily Digestive Balancer from Blessed Herbs is a comprehensive formula with a unique blend of digestive enzymes, probiotics, prebiotics and soothing herbs to relieve bloating, gassiness and sluggish digestion while maintaining a healthy balance of gut microflora.

    Let’s look at how these carefully selected ingredients will make mealtimes more enjoyable and provide health-promoting benefits throughout the day.

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  • How to Love Your Beneficial Gut Bacteria

    Gut HealthWhile we frequently associate bacteria with problems like respiratory and skin infections, there are actuallycountless species of “good” bacteria that allow plants, animals and humans to flourish. Great examples of beneficial bacteria are the types that reside in your gut.

    These friendly species of bacteria are constantly at work performing a multitude of tasks including:

    • Helping to digest nutrients
    • Synthesizing vitamins
    • Aiding in energy metabolism
    • Producing fat-storing hormones
    • Contributing to healthy immunity
    • Preventing the growth of harmful pathogens

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  • What’s New at Blessed Herbs? We Can’t Wait to Tell You!

    Blessed Herbs has just made it easier to restore and maintain a healthy intestinal environment with Friendly Bacteria Optimizer™, a high-potency probiotic formula that promotes optimal digestive health and a strong immune system.

    Here are some of the reasons we’re so excited to offer Friendly Bacteria Optimizer to our valued customers.

    With 25 billion colony-forming units (cfu’s) per serving, Friendly Bacteria Optimizer provides many times more of the beneficial bacteria you need than most other leading brands. And unlike many other brands, this high-potency dosage has been designed to survive the acidic environment of the stomach. This lets you know that the probiotics you are counting on will reach the large and small intestine to support both digestive and immune health.

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  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Joint-Friendly Sleeping

    After a long tiring day, you settle into bed and sleep like a baby. But instead of feeling refreshed and energized in the morning, you experience the exact opposite. Perhaps you can barely turn your neck…or you feel sharp pain in your shoulder blade…or maybe it’s your lower back that feels as stiff as a board. How can a good night’s sleep end so badly?

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  • 10 Good Reasons to Love Dandelions

    If ever there was a natural herb that was misunderstood and vilified by millions of people, it’s the poor dandelion. Every summer throughout the US, millions of dollars and thousands of man hours are spent eradicating this perennial flowering herb by homeowners on a quest for a flawless “weed-free” lawn.

    Little do these well-meaning folks know that they could be saving their money and spending their time more wisely if they harvested these valuable plants instead to use in soups, salads, teas and side dishes. Since recorded time, dandelions have been widely used for food and medicinal purposes in North America, Europe and Asia. It’s only now, with a growing interest in natural herbal remedies, that dandelion, the scapegoat of all herbs, is beginning to gain some respect.

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  • 8 Guilt-Free Bedtime Snacks

    For most of us it’s pretty hard to fall asleep with a stomach grumbling for food. We know that sleeping on a heavy meal or a big bowl of ice cream is a no-no, but there are certain healthy foods that we can eat before bedtime that are easy on digestion and may even set the mood for a restful night’s sleep.

    The next time you need a snack before turning in, try one of these eight sleep-friendly nutritious foods.

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  • Tired, Headachy and Constipated? It Might Be This

    A general rule of thumb for most adults is to drink eight 8-oz glasses of water every day to keep your body properly hydrated.  That may seem like a lot, but it’s really not when you consider how much you lose every day in the course of normal metabolism.

    For instance, you lose 3 to 4 liters (10 to 15 cups) of water each day through sweat, urine, bowel movements and respiration.  Breathing alone accounts for 1 to 2 liters lost.  Other factors can cause you to need even more water.  Vigorous exercise, living in a hot climate, or a bout of diarrhea will mean your body requires more water for healthy functioning.

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  • What Elite Athletes and Ancient Humans Have in Common

    iStock_000007522839_DoubleAlong with all the other amazing health benefits you derive from daily exercise, you can add comfortable, regular bowel movements to the list. This fact should be of great interest to the millions of Americans who cope with chronic constipation.  In fact, constipation is such a widespread problem, it is estimated that there are 2.5 million doctors’ visits every year by bloated, uncomfortable constipation sufferers looking for relief.  This surprisingly large number doesn’t even come close to reflecting the millions of people who suffer in silence or rely on laxatives to move their bowels.

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  • A Centuries Old Remedy for Your Joint Pain

    If you’re like millions of adults in the US, joint pain, either from injuries or a degenerative illness is a way of life. And for most of these people, reaching for an over-the-counter pain medicine like ibuprofen is a daily habit.  While ibuprofen is effective at blocking inflammatory substances from forming in the body that lead to pain and swelling, it isn’t without its drawbacks.

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