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  • Top 5 Things To Look For In A Cleanse

    Top 5 Things To Look For In A Cleanse

    There are hundreds of cleanses, detox options, diets and other products on the market today. Now, more than ever, we as consumers are bombarded with the next hottest option. Some of us simply want to detox, some of us want a full body cleanse, some of us are looking to lose weight and some of us are simply curious about cleansing and don’t know where to start. Read More

  • Top 6 High-Fiber, Nutrient-Rich Foods

    high fiber foodsDoctors have been telling us for years to add more fiber to our diets. The benefits are many, including healthier digestion, regular bowel movements and more essential nutrients that are best consumed from a fresh, whole foods diet. Read More

  • Herbs for Anxiety

    Sweet BasilSweet Basil (Ocimum Basilicum)

    The key ingredient in Italian pesto, sweet basil is native to India, China, Southeast Asia and New Guinea. This herb promotes relaxation because it contains phytochemicals Read More

  • Top 7 Uses for Lavender

    LavenderLavender Facts:

    • Feature: Gray-green foliage, lovely fragrance
    • Light: Full sun
    • Soil: Needs good drainage, drier soil
    • Spacing: 12-18 inches apart
    • Plant Size: 20 to 24 inches tall
    • Garden Use: Containers; herb, vegetable and flower beds
    • Read More

  • Detoxing Your Home

    When it comes to detoxing, we're quick to eliminate the culprits with our diets but how many of us look to our homes as a starting place? This handy Read More

  • 15 Foods That Can Help Naturally Detox and Cleanse The Body

    Detox and Cleanse Your Body

    15 Foods That Can Help Naturally Detox and Cleanse The Body

    Citrus Crush – high vitamin C (turns toxins into digestible material)

    Turnip Greens – antioxidants & sulfur-containing nutrients; activate and regulate detoxification enzymes
    Read More

  • DIY: Lavender Pillow

    Lavender Pillow

    Are you tired of waking up after 8 hours of sleep still feeling tired and groggy? We did a little research for you and here is Read More

  • DIY: Lavender Soap

    Lavender Soap

    We can’t think of a better holiday gift than a homemade lavender soap. So today we will share a recipe on how to do it yourself.

    Here is what you will need: Read More

  • DIY: Lavender Candle

    Lavender Candle

    Candle making is fairly easy yet so many people are opting for the store bought ones. Hey, this could be a great New Year’s Resolution – make more Read More

  • Holistic Weight Loss: A Growing Trend

    blog_imageDid you know there are a growing number of people who are shedding pounds once and for all with a holistic approach to weight loss? This means no more Read More

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