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  • Tips for Living Successfully with Arthritis

    living with arthritisHere’s an interesting fact.   Arthritis is not just a single disease.  It’s a term used for over 100 conditions that affect the joints and musculoskeletal system.  Most types of arthritis are caused by a number of factors including individual genetic makeup, previous injury, infection or allergies, a reaction to certain foods, a physically demanding job, obesity and autoimmune disease. Read More

  • 5 Tips to Lower Blood Pressure Without Medication

    blood pressure tipsMay is National High Blood Pressure Education Month and the perfect time to have your blood pressure checked and encourage your loved ones to do the same.  Blood pressure is the force of blood on the walls of your blood vessels as blood flows through them. This pressure naturally rises and falls during the day.  But when the force of this pressure rises and consistently stays high, it’s called hypertension, the medical term for high blood pressure. Read More

  • Tips for Choosing the Cleanse that’s Right for You

    choose your cleanse

    Treating your body to an all-natural herbal cleanse is one  of the best things you can do to eliminate built up  toxins, “reset” your metabolism and get rid of nagging symptoms that are making you feel less than your best.  But what kind of cleanse do you choose? To answer that question, you must set some goals for yourself and know what symptoms you would like to improve or eliminate altogether. Read More

  • Women Specific Exercises

    women and exercise

    Our bodies were meant to move in an erect position at moderate to high intensity paces for extended periods of time.  This evolved from our ancestors of hunters and gatherers which forged, what should be today, a generation of active lifestyles. Read More

  • The Foods You Need Before and After Your Colon Cleanse

    foods before a colon cleanse

    You’ve made the commitment and you’re ready to go.  It’s time for a natural herbal colon cleanse to remove toxic waste from your intestinal tract and prepare your entire digestive system for healthier eating habits. Read More

  • No Muss, No Fuss Cleansing and Digestive Support


    Now that we are well into the New Year, it’s time to give your digestive system a gentle boost with Revive 5-Day Natural Cleanse from Blessed Herbs. Read More

  • How to Pay it Forward to the Next Generation of Smart Young Women

    Girl in white. Internet.

    Have you stopped to consider helping the next generation of women make their way in the workplace? Read More

  • How to Take Memory Loss out of Menopause

    girl thinking

    You're never too young to prepare for a great menopause… or too old to improve your state of health… including your memory.  This is important to understand because the onset of menopause goes hand-in-hand with memory problems and brain fog in the vast majority of menopausal women. Read More

  • 10 Rules to Maximize Your Cleanse… Before, During and After

    10 Rules to Maximize Your Cleanse… Before, During and After

    Perhaps you’ve undertaken a colon cleanse in the past and haven’t been pleased with the process or the results.  Or, you know a bit about cleansing, but feel you need more information before you take the plunge.  That’s where Blessed Herbs can help.  In this article, we’ll look at 10 helpful rules you can follow to get the most out of your cleanse both during and after. Read More

  • Here’s a Toast to a Healthier New You!

    Spinach smoothieSmoothies have taken the country by storm and with good reason…they’re loaded with vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and fiber your body needs…they provide energy to get you through your busy day…smoothies are low in calories but fill  you up like you’ve eaten a full meal… and they’re satisfying and refreshing. Read More

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