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Blessed Herbs New Year’s Guide to All-Natural Cleanses

all natural cleansesSo many all-natural cleansing options to choose from!

Blessed Herbs makes it easy to turn over a new, natural leaf in 2014 with this quick comparison of our all-natural cleanses. Choose from a low-impact, beginners cleanse or restore digestive health* with one of the most complete natural colon cleanses available.

Restore, detoxify and revitalize all essential organs (and digestion too!)* with a natural body detox. Rid yourself of unwanted guests*, or even prepare yourself for the natural changes of menopause.* No matter what level or purpose of cleanse you’re looking for, Blessed Herbs has something for you – and we guarantee all-natural ingredients!

Revive 5-Day Natural Cleanse

Revive 5-Day Natural CleanseNatural colon cleansing can be an intimidating subject – and how do you know where to start? Our master herbalists designed the Revive 5-Day Natural Cleanse to be an easy, low-impact introduction to all-natural digestive cleansing.

Perfectly balanced to neutralize and expel built up toxins and waste without the disruptive side-effects of an intensive cleansing regimen, The Revive 5-Day Natural Cleanse promotes healthy bowel function, regularity and nutrition by gently cleansing your colon and digestive tract.*

There is no fasting required – once a day for 5 days, you’ll mix one of the Revive Cleanse Powder packets with organic Apple Juice before breakfast. Then at lunch, you’ll take two of the Revive System Balancer Capsules. That’s it! After five days, you’ll enjoy a renewed vitality, increased positive energy and overall health.*

The Colon Cleansing Kit™

A true, deep cleansing of the colon and digestive tract can take longer than 5 days, however. If you’re interested in trying a more comprehensive cleanse, try the Colon Cleansing Kit™ also from Blessed Herbs. One of our best-sellers for years, the Colon Cleansing Kit™ actually has three levels of intensity built into its easy-to-follow Users Guide:

The Colon Cleansing Kit9 Day – This regimen is the best for all-natural digestive cleansing and restoration. It requires a 5-Day period of fasting (broths & organic fruit juices for sustenance) book-ended by several days where you use the Digestive Stimulators and all-natural Toxin Absorbers to get your body regular and your digestive systems moving.

8 Day – Some people need to eat; be it for health reasons or because their schedule simply doesn’t afford them the option. The 8 day regimen is much the same as the 9 day regimen, but you alter your diet to avoid cleanse-reducing foods such as meat, dairy and sugars.

30 Day – To experience the least change in your daily routine, use the 30 Day regimen. While healthy diet is always encouraged, it is not necessary. This is by far the least intensive way to take the Colon Cleansing Kit™, but to each their own.

The Colon Cleansing Kit™ is designed with two principle ingredients: Digestive Stimulator™ and Toxin Absorber™. Both are all-natural components made with herbal and botanical ingredients.

One encourages digestion and gets your bowels moving. The other, as the name implies, absorbs toxins and helps clear built up waste and mucoid plaque from your lower intestine. This makes it easier for your body to absorb the nutrients you digest from your food, restores digestive health, and promotes health and vitality.

The Internal Cleansing Kit™

The Internal Cleansing Kit™ is an incredible collection of master Naturopathic herbalist formulated tinctures and remedies designed to cleanse not just the colon and digestive tract, but all your essential organs and bodily systems.

The Internal Cleansing KitWe filter and expel toxins and waste through more than just our stomach; the Internal Cleansing Kit™ is a comprehensive regimen with 4 stages designed to restore total-body wellness. This kit includes the Digestive Stimulator™ and the Toxin Absorber™ of the Colon Cleansing Kit™, along with cleanses and revitalizing tonics for the liver, gallbladder, lungs, kidneys, bladder, lymphatic system, bloodstream, and skin.

Stage 1 – Pre-cleansing: Like the Colon Cleansing Kit™, this Internal Cleanse starts with determining your “number” of digestive stimulator™ capsules to take per day to keep your digestive tract moving – along with toxin absorbers. You’ll take these products throughout your cleanse.

Stage 2 – Liver, Gallbladder and Para: The second stage flushes waste and toxins from your liver and gallbladder, rejuvenating these vital organs naturally. The Internal Cleansing Kit™ also features formulas and remedies from the Para Cleansing Kit™ (taken during this stage) – an all-natural way to drive unwanted guests both great and small from your body.

Stage 3 – Lungs, Kidneys and Bladder: While we don’t think of the lungs as a “detoxifying” organ, any part of us that soaks up valuable nutrients from our environment (in this case, the air) drags in undesirable elements. The kidneys and bladder function synergistically to both expel and regulate toxins and other wastes.

Stage 4 – Lymph, Blood and Skin: We rarely think of our skin as an organ, but it is. It is also the first layer of defense your body has against the world around us. The last stage of the Internal Cleansing Kit™ cleans the blood and lymphatic systems, which have been inundated during the cleanse – and clears up skin with natural botanicals, restoring a healthy glow.

The Para Cleansing Kit™

The Para Cleansing KitParasites in your digestive system (along with other unwanted guests) can be more than just unpleasant to think about – they can rob us of our necessary nutrition and contribute their own secretions to the buildup of unhealthy toxins and waste within us.

The Para Cleansing Kit™ is one of the highest quality all-natural parasite cleanses on the market. Each of the 3 vegetarian Para cleansing formulas were painstakingly crafted by master herbalists. Some come in capsule form, others in liquid extracts depending on which method of delivery best preserves the efficacy of the more than 30 different botanical ingredients.

Along with the now-familiar Digestive Stimulator™ and Toxin Absorber™ regimen, The Para Cleansing Kit contains 3 separate formulas for removing unwanted guests or parasites:

Small Para Cleanser – consisting of a variety of botanical extracts including Black Walnut, Olive leaf, Cat’s Claw, Pau d’Arco, Barberry root, Shiitake and Southern Prickly Ash, the Small Para Cleanser helps balance populations of intestinal organisms too small to be seen by the naked eye.*

Large Para Cleanser 1 – most people think that “large” parasites (the kind you can actually see) are only an issue in “third world” countries. This is far from the case. The Large Para Cleanser balances these populations of “large” parasites with extracts from Quisqualis fruit, Wormwood aerials, Cloves, Ginger and Licorice root.*

Large Para Cleanser 2 – a thorough cleanse boosts the immune and digestive system in addition to attacking the parasites within you. The Large Para Cleanser 2 is also directed at your parasitic freeloaders, but helps expel them and bolster your immune system as well with Torreya Grandis, Astragalus root, Elecampane root, Butternut bark, Wild Yam, Fennel and more.*

Feminine Cleanse

Feminine CleanseThe Feminine Cleanse is something else entirely. This cleanse is intended for women only – it is formulated by master herbalist Amanda McQuade Crawford from a variety of herbs and botanicals whose active plant compounds are of particular benefit to women: Black Cohosh, Triphala fruit, Indian Gooseberry, Fenugreek and more.

Designed for women who are at or near the menopause stage of life, The Feminine Cleanse is meant to help restart and reset your body’s natural systems, so that you know inner peace. By detoxifying and fortifying your body with herbal ingredients which help soothe and invigorate your body, the Feminine Cleanse clears the way for a time of discovery and change – one that all women must experience.

Specifically, the Feminine cleanse seeks to restore and revitalize your liver, kidneys, thyroid gland and gallbladder – organs that most support your reproductive system!

A Last Word on Natural Body or Colon Cleansing

The last thing we want is for you to think that “cleansing” is only for when something is “wrong” with you. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the build-up of debris and toxins within your body is actually a natural process – it is the chemical makeup of those deposits, detritus and pollution from our modern world, that make it so important to cleanse your system at least once a year.

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