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Cleansing Tales From Our Brand Manager

Let me introduce myself: my name is Forrest, I’m the Brand Manager here at Blessed Herbs.

I’ve recently noticed that my life revolves around cleansing. I grew up as the son of an herbalist and quickly picked up mom’s hobbies and talents, which means in third grade I was using kinesiology and muscle response testing on friends at recess showing them how their body asks for and rejects certain things.

Fast forward to present day and my job revolves around cleansing and the Blessed Herbs brand. Even last night a friend was asking for recommendations on cleanses – it just doesn’t turn off. Naturally, when I feel toxic, lethargic, have stomach issues or any number of symptoms found here, I turn to the Colon Cleansing Kit. It is not the be all end all, but the number one rule when cleansing is to listen to your body, and my body is vocal when it comes to this stuff.

This blog post is a day-by-day journal of my recent colon cleanse, here’s what made me decide to cleanse again: first, I like to follow the twice per year cleansing path. That’s what works for my body and it fits right with the seasons – for instance the holidays are coming up which means stress, eating, drinking, parties, desserts…A reset just before the madness will do me well.

Some people even choose to cleanse with each solstice, that’s great to find a rhythm and sync it with other areas in your life. Second, I recently began taking some medications that I was glad to finish and wanted out of my system. That was something my body very clearly communicated to me. Layer personal and professional timing on top of that, and this week became the ideal candidate to battle with a fast.


No breakfast. What a way to start a day, I’m a little bit cranky already because I love breakfast! That also means no snack around 10:00 when I’m hungry again. I’m drinking my Toxin Absorber which is keeping me full, but I still want food! I drink an organic apple juice and Organic Superfoods, it’s oddly tasty for what I expected. Mix it with the apple juice and it’s actually quite good! But that doesn’t matter, right now I’m still wanting food. Fasting is difficult, I’m not going to lie, but I promise it’s worth it. Today is another story though, I’m not happy about it. I do however like the fact that you take the Toxin Absorber every three hours, for me it actually helps push through my day. It’s like hitting the next step up and somehow it makes the day go by faster.

Day one is all mental, any bit of ‘I can’t do this’ is simply you trying to convince yourself otherwise, it’s all in your head. I recommend not having this battle with yourself, you will lose. All day long I tried to make up excuses for myself to justify eating but my drive to cleanse won the battle. Nighttime was weird for me, I went to bed incredibly early so I wouldn’t think about it. It looks like this cleanse is going to bring me some much needed rest and shut down time, simply because it seemed odd doing anything else. Added bonus! I also begin to have a newfound respect for anyone or anything that goes without food. I dream of pizza.

Now, I do not need to lose weight, I was not cleansing to lose weight and Blessed Herbs cleanses are not intended to be weight loss supplements. I do however, find the facts interesting and I will be documenting my weights daily. So this morning, I weighed in at 157.7.


This morning when I weighed myself I have dropped to 153.7, wow, in one day. Of course a drop in weight is going to happen after not eating for a day and taking Digestive Stimulator, I just didn’t think it would be that drastic (and I’ve done this before!). I feel good, I feel light, I feel clear in my head and ready to take on day two of the fast. Today is definitely easier. I also add an organic broth to my day of liquids. Buying organic ensures no pesticides or toxic chemicals and broth fits perfectly into a liquid-only diet. It not only replenishes some missing electrolytes but helps fill me up too. Watch sodium intake if you choose this route.

I take a single Digestive Stimulator after work in addition to the regular nightly amount (‘my number’) to ensure three good bowel movements each day. There is a large fiber intake and it’s important that it goes in to do the job, leaves the body and doesn’t get built up which causes constipation or bloating. Drinking water all day also helps assist this process. The majority of waste is cleared out and my system is beginning to release mucoid plaque. Seeing this reminds me why I cleansed in the first place. I get tired again at night and once again go to bed early. Miniature tacos serenade me to sleep, they’re so cute. Sweet dreams my little friends.


THIS IS SPARTA! The frustration of not eating is diminishing, I can do anything right now. I may be hungry but fasting is nothing, I got this. This morning the numbers on the floor read 150.0. More mucoid plaque. It’s not the most pleasant of topics to write about or let alone look at for that matter, but the feeling of release has now moved from the just the physical toxins themselves to my clearing my mind. The mind-body connection is fascinating, it’s amazing how naturally my body uses this time to clear toxic thoughts, toxic emotions, toxic feelings.

Things piece together in a random tapestry of events which then again reassures why I cleansed in the first place. Regardless of how hungry I am, I’m on the other side of the hill now and the worst is over. I have a very large amount of energy for not eating for three days, I’m getting up early and I’m not a morning person. It’s definitely late for me now though, I look forward to seeing what my dreams will bring.


Down to 148 this morning, and mucoid plaque is still coming. Again, seeing this makes me want to keep cleansing. I remember today to take my probiotics, I cannot stress this enough. When you cleanse and deplete your body of all its waste, you need to supplement with a probiotic to replace the good bacteria. This will help alleviate associated gut issues. You’ll want to take something in a form that will bypass the harsh acids of the stomach.

Today is fairly uneventful, it’s a Thursday, nothing special happening so it makes for kind of a ‘blah’ day. We had a team lunch at work today and we all went out, that was a bit tough, so I had the waitress bring me some broth only from one of their soups – I cheat and eat a roll with it. My inner Gandhi is coming out and friends are joking that I am deteriorating away, so I feel ok with this decision. Luckily when we get back, my afternoon is filled with meetings again and everything goes by quickly. Before I know it, I’m at home, already in bed and greatly looking forward to my last day of fasting.


Only down 1.5 more pounds today to 146.5, but I’ve made it! This is definitely exciting. I feel energized, clean, ready to be done, ready for a meal, ready for anything! I have a very determined attitude today, I’m feeling very accomplished and I feel excellent in general considering I have not eaten in five days. Because it’s still somewhat odd to do anything at night since I don’t really want to be anywhere or around anyone, I decide to turn on my laptop and get some work done.

It wasn’t until I shut it off at 12:30 that I realized what was going on. 12:30AM Friday night, I was home working and knocking out a massive amount of small tasks that were bogging me down. I didn’t care that I was working, the feeling of productivity and accomplishment was winning. This was pretty cool, now I don’t really want to sleep, I want to get stuff done!


Sante Fe Chicken SaladSaturday morning I jump out of bed early (after staying up working all night on Friday), and start cleaning. I go through my home office, I file stacks of papers that have been sitting there for months, I pay some bills, what next?? I happen to be going on vacation in a week so I need to pick up some items – six stores later I’m home. In between there I also grabbed a freshly juiced kale and orange juice. Mmmm, it’s delicious, healthy and light.

It’s important to start light when coming off a fast, don’t jump into heavy meals. I know someone who came off a fast and immediately dove into cheese fries. Really?? Cheese fries? Needless to say that only lasted a few moments and she was running to the bathroom quickly. Use this time to reset your habits too. If you generally eat processed or unhealthy foods, I guarantee your body won’t want them once you’ve reset, teach yourself to eat from the earth. Eat colorful foods, preferably organic fruits and veggies. Your body will reject what it doesn’t want, our cheese fries friend showed us that.

For lunch I have an incredibly tasty Sante Fe Chicken salad, I can actually only get about half way through it before I’m full. It’s a beautiful day out so after I get home I rest in the sun for a few hours. Afterwords I take my dog for a two-mile run, I just keep going! Oh yea, all of this all happened before 2:00PM. I’m just barely getting started! I continue being productive throughout the day and again at night decide to catch up on some work.

Tonight I’m going until 1:30AM, still knocking out old tasks, organizing myself and in general, playing catch-up. Sunday morning I’m up early again, ran 2.5 miles and out the door by 9:00AM for church and continue to have a productive day again. This is wonderful, I have accomplished exactly what I set out to do plus added perks along the way.


My personal take on cleansing is that it works. Too much of our daily lives are filled with toxins coming at us from various angles and it’s easy to let them get the best of us. Fight back! Eliminate them from your body in order to keep running at maximum potential. You will (most likely) lose a few pounds, increase your energy, increase your overall health, increase the absorption of any supplements you are taking, possibly stop harmful health issues before they start and in general, simply feel better.

This post is not sponsored by Blessed Herbs and reflects my personal views, opinions and experiences. 

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