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Colon Cleansing and Weight Loss

eight loss and cleansingIntentional weight loss, as anyone who has struggled with a restrictive diet can tell you, can be a mental battle as much as a physical one.

On one hand, we have the simple fact that healthy weight loss is achieved only one way: by having your body use more calories than it takes in. Every successful diet plan has at its core the fundamental principles of eating less and exercising more.

Easier Said than Done

As human beings, nature has endowed us with a predisposition to seek out and enjoy foods (specifically fats and sweets) that have the highest caloric value. And while this predilection helps us survive in times of scarcity (such as those faced by our prehistoric ancestors), it can actually harm us when we are in an environment where such foods are plentiful and cheap, such as our current “fast food nation.”

By gorging on fats and sweets while being more and more sedentary (office work instead of farm work), we have come to a time where obesity and obesity-related diseases, such as diabetes, have become national health crises.

colon cleanse and weight lossBecause of the justifiable attention being directed at effective weight loss, many health conscious individuals have focused on the role of the human digestive system. After all, this is where it all starts ... and ends.

The breakdown of our food starts in our mouths, with chewing and mixing with saliva. This begins the process of separating the nutrients our body needs from the waste it does not. This extracting process continues as the food we eat moves through the stomach and small intestine. The large intestine, or colon, has the job of taking the waste left over after the food nutrients have been absorbed, and eliminating it.

Colon cleansing is a practice, accomplished either through ingesting materials that stimulate bowel movements or by irrigating the bowel with liquid, which effectively empties the colon of waste material.

…many advocates of colon cleansing claim that unhealthful eating habits result in a build-up of accumulated waste on the wall of the colon…

Since all (or nearly all) nutrients from food have been processed and taken up by the stomach and small intestine before the food gets to the colon, colon cleansing alone is an ineffective method of reducing caloric intake.

However, many advocates of colon detox claim that unhealthful eating habits result in a build-up of accumulated waste on the wall of the colon, which is not removed through normal digestive processes. Indeed, some practitioners have reported the passing of ten to twenty pounds of this type of waste in a single cleansing session.

Less controversial is the contention that colon cleansing, of the type that utilizes digestive enhancing herbs and other materials taken orally, can be part of an effective weight loss regimen. This may be most apparent in those cleansing programs that include marked changes in food intake.

weight loss and cleansing

For example, some programs (such as those available from Blessed Herbs) advocate a period of fasting for up to nine days, with food intake limited exclusively to fruit and/or vegetable juice, along with the recommended cleansing supplements.

Following such a liquid fast, for most of us, results in a major reduction in daily caloric intake. Especially if accompanied by regular, vigorous exercise, this process will, almost inevitably, result in significant weight loss. Practitioners of colon cleansing often report feelings of increased vitality and overall well-being.

Love yourself

More important for our long-term health however, is not just losing weight, but keeping it off. This is where colon cleansing can have a meaningful, lasting effect.
Because the process of colon cleansing involves us so directly and insistently, it conditions us to pay more attention to our bodies’ rhythms and reactions. It alerts us to “listen to our bodies” for signals such as hunger, stress, relief, rest and energy levels.

Practitioners of colon cleansing often report feelings of increased vitality and overall well-being. This is a mental reward for treating themselves correctly. This leads many to make fundamental, lasting changes in the way they eat.

They increasingly turn away from high calorie / low nutrition foods and turn instead to high fiber / high nutrition foods such as fruits and vegetables. Changing eating habits in this way leads to increased digestive health (including a naturally clean colon) and improved energy and self-image.

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