Is your female cleanse indicated for fertility?

Thank you for your question. Heavy metals and other problematic toxins in food, water, and air, are known to bind with hormone receptors, affecting reproductive health.

Perhaps you are drawing upon studies such as the Buffalo, New York research from the late 90's, where women of reproductive age were studied for two menstrual cycles; those getting conventional drugs for chelating (binding with and removing) heavy metals improved elimination and endocrine markers (including hormone levels). Other human studies right through the current year help us answer your excellent questions.

Our Women's Rebalancing Kit is not designed specifically for fertility nor are there studies associated with it, however, the herbs used in the kit may have supporting fertility functions. As an herbalist, I use plants that have at least some good science pointing in the right direction for clearing Endocrine Disruptors, including Milk Thistle, found in our Internal Cleansing Kit. While I defer to your professional assessment of each woman's health needs, this herb or the kit can be integrated with holistic programs for women choosing to optimize fertility for themselves and their partners. Though women trying to conceive often have strong feelings for or against garlic, a healthy pesto dinner is another way to make use of garlic's reputation for detoxifying heavy metals. I hope this is helpful, Jennifer, and please keep us posted on your experience in this important work you are doing. Thank you!


Amanda McQuade Crawford

Amanda McQuade Crawford

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