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Which Flavonoid in Hawthorn would be best to treat Hypertension Vitexin or Hyperoside?

Various concentrations of the Flavonoid and Procyanidins content exists with Hawthorn plant parts in general and can vary from specie to specie, so that is why standardization is important in Hawthorn extracts.

Hyperoside and Vitexin are both Flavonoids and found more in the flower and leaf that support the blood vessel circulation. Hawthorn Berries have more Procyanidins as anti-oxidants. Hawthorn is a cardiotonic, so having the whole plant of berry, flower, and leaf is most important for its ability to assist coronary blood flow for anti-oxidation and circulation.

Standardizing to the Vitexin or the Hyperoside is a matter of choice as they are both effective for circulation and finding one will not be without the other, as in a family of compounds that have the same outcome. The only difference is that extracts standardized to Vitexins have had more clinical study associated to them as a general rule.

- James Sullivan, N.D.

Jim Sullivan, ND

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