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Four Misconceptions about Colon Cleansing

Cleansing Misconceptions
There's a lot of distortion on the internet, and the information on cleansing is no different. Below are four common colon cleansing misconceptions that may be keeping you from maximizing your digestive potential.

1. Only health nuts ''cleanse''

Colon health isn't something reserved only for vegans and probiotic diet followers. Maximizing the efficiency of the digestive system is important for everyone; we all have colons. By ridding the body of various harmful parasites, cleansing can improve concentration, increase energy and ensure bowel movements are regular and comfortable.

2. I'll be hungry all the time

There are a variety of ways to cleanse and only some of them require fasting. While several encourage starting with liquid diets before transitioning to solid food, others require minimal or optional diet changes. You can control the level of your cleanse by selecting easy to digest foods like vegetables or more difficult to digest foods like meat and pasta. The bottom line: cleansing is beneficial for everyone, but how beneficial is up to the individual.

3. It's too expensive

Yes, compared to a Big Whopper, a colon cleanse is expensive. But compared to a check-up at your friendly neighborhood MD, a cleanse is dirt-cheap. You can get a complete colon cleanse for under $100.

4. I won't be able to leave the bathroom

A colon cleanse is not an enema. While cleansing encourages your system to rid itself of toxic waste, it does NOT put you on the toilet all day. You're able to go to work, drive in your car, go to a movie and basically continue your daily routine without being afraid of an accident. You will, however, need to drink a lot of water, so a transatlantic trip in an air balloon may not be advisable. Not planning one of those? Then you should be fine.

To wrap up, no, you probably shouldn't eat endless tubs of KFC while doing a cleanse – but you could if you wanted to. Regardless of your diet, a colon cleansing kit will help clear out some of the junk that's in your digestive tract. How much you clear out (not to mention whether you put it back in) is up to you.

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