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Can I Eat During The Internal Cleanse?

Diet is a major factor in determining how mild or strong your internal cleanser will be. The only difference between a mild and strong cleanse (besides your comfort level) is that it takes longer to achieve the same effect. There are specific foods that you should try to eliminate for best results, they include: dairy products, fried foods, processed sugars and syrups, heavy salts and meats. By making your diet lighter the same energy that your body would normally use to break down food can now be used to help break down and expel the toxins that are stored in your body. The most important thing to remember is to listen to you own body.

The Internal Cleansing Kit™ also comes with our bestselling Colon Cleansing Kit™. The Colon Cleanse Kit has three different diet altering options: 5 day fast, minimum changes to diet and no changes to diet. Choosing which option is best for you can be determined by what you feel you may be able to handle.

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