How do diet changes affect my cleansing?

Your diet definitely affects the strength and intensity of your internal cleanse. If you make healthy changes to your diet it will release more energy for your body to utilize during the cleansing and detoxification process – and improve the strength of your cleanse. If you choose not to make any dietary changes (and this is OK), you will still experience benefits – it will just take longer to get your digestive system completely “cleaned out”. The important thing is to proceed at a pace and intensity that is comfortable for you.

The chart below is designed to help you gauge your current diet’s compatibility with cleansing and help you determine the most appropriate steps to “lightening up” your diet – something that will definitely help your body accommodate the cleansing process. Note: a diet rich in raw or organic juices (or consisting entirely of them) is best because these food sources are packed with readily available nutrition which requires minimal energy for your body to digest.

Dieting While Cleansing

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