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Do I Need To Use All The Menopause Support Products?

No, Blessed Herbs Menopause Support line provides individual formulas designed to provide relief from the primary discomforts of menopause separately. Depending on the symptoms you may be experiencing, you can choose only one herbal supplement, or all of them. However, for best results, we recommend starting with the Women's Rebalancing Cleanse product as a way to balance your body before beginning the use of the individual supplement formulas.

We strongly believe in the naturopathic foundation of cleansing before herbal supplement programs. With so many unnatural substances entering our bodies these days (dietary preservatives, medications, pollution, etc), cleansing & detoxifying the organs can help “clear the slate” and kick-start a more effective program. For menopause, we specifically designed the Women's Rebalancing Cleanse.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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