What is a normal cleansing reaction?

Superficial internal cleansing reactions are just your body’s way of reacting to the detoxifying and rejuvenating ingredients of the cleanse. Superficial cleansing reactions can last anywhere from an hour to as long as 1 or 2 days. They usually manifest themselves as mildly unpleasant or disruptive symptoms such as headaches, itching, aches in your muscles or joints, sweating, body odor, bad breath, loss of appetite, sleeplessness or exhaustion.

Superficial cleansing reactions usually pass quite quickly and do not cause any harm to your body. You can help yourself feel better during a superficial cleansing reaction by relaxing and drinking a cup of Refreshing Green Tea Blend™ – an antioxidant that also gives you a much-needed “pick me up.”

We are here for you! Contact Blessed Herbs if you have any other questions about reactions to our internal cleanses.

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