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Having a Healthy Holidays

How a low-impact Cleanse and Plenty of Friendly Bacteria can Soothe Winter’s Ills.

Healthy Holiday Eating

With the winter round of holidays, school and office parties, and family gatherings in full swing, we often face food and drink we’re better off without. Animals know to eat less and sleep more during cold seasons – but humans do exactly the opposite; and can therefore use simple herbal cleanses all-natural Probiotics to restore the delicate balance and digestive harmony within.

As a Nation, Americans are moving towards better, healthier eating choices. During the holidays however, our tradition of “breaking bread” with the community still exposes our tummies to the yuletide tumult: the sullen appearance of the unloved fruitcake. Candy marshmallows pollute the yams. Every dish from appetizers to desserts are dipped, dyed, fried or dusted with sugar – all of which puts undo wear and tear on our digestive tracts.

Herbs, Holidays, and Digestive Health

Food Group Wheel Cropped

Even the most appetizing foods you can imagine can mean sheer digestive torture for your stomach if the “old furnace” isn’t burning its fuel efficiently. Our digestive tract is literally the ‘engine” at our core that turns food into the necessary energy for each organ system and powers every cell so it may fulfill its role.

This happy flow of food-to-nutrient-energy is a gift in itself. When digestive health issues alter this process, we may experience symptoms as seemingly unrelated as canker sores in the mouth, heartburn or Gastric acid reflux (GERD= Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease), or even cramps, headaches from constipation, depressed mood (really!), and dehydration headaches – and even electrolyte loss from diarrhea. All this and more is lumped together under the polite umbrella term, indigestion.

This is why so many herbs are recommended for “indigestion.” But we can be more sophisticated in our use of herbs and all-natural remedies to put our digestive “fuel” system to rights. We can use synergistic blends of botanical extracts to turn these most-common digestive health issues into robust digestive function and relief – despite the winter & holiday food onslaught.

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Digestive Health leads to Emotional, Mental Health

Depression, anxiety, and irritability during the winter Holidays is quite common, even while mainstream culture urges us to be merry, love our neighbors and buy presents for everyone we’ve ever met. This yuletide malaise is as commonplace as street-corner Santa costumes, but Nature has our back. Our digestion is directly tied to how we “feel” – both physically and emotionally. Healthy gut, healthy feelings – it is often that simple. It’s getting your body “back on track” that can sometimes seem like a complicated task, especially around the holidays.

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Restoring Balance with Natural Probiotics

Healthy digestive tract flora (or “friendly” bacteria that help us digest our food and more) is one of the key contributing factors for a robust, healthy immune system. From ulcers to hemorrhoids, we save time, money, and pain when we fix the flora populations in our stomachs. You’ve probably seen the many commercials for “probiotic” products – but you can skip the costly yogurt this holiday season. Blessed Herbs Friendly Bacteria Replenisher is packed with the probiotics your digestive system needs – in an easy, all-natural capsule.

“Cleaning House” – Before Your Guests Arrive

Revive-5-Day-CleanseThis holiday season is the perfect chance to your stomach, liver, and lower gastrointestinal tract a well-deserved vacation: a simple, no-fasting, easy-to-follow cleanse. The Revive 5-Day Natural Cleanse is exactly what your body needs this winter – and unlike more comprehensive cleanses, does not require fasting or all-juice diets.

We’re not saying that these types of cleanses do not have their place – in fact, a comprehensive, total body cleanse such as the Colon Cleansing Kit or (even better) the Internal Cleansing Kit are perfect for revitalizing and detoxifying your body during the lull in frantic winter activity right after New Year’s – but during the hectic holiday season, who has the time or energy to fast (as in not eat) or follow a complicated cleansing regimen?

Practice Moderation in Addition to Cleansing, Probiotics

Friendly Bacteria ReplenisherTo give your body the much needed support it needs, pick a 5-day period and eat healthy (we suggest early December). That’s really all you have to do to reap the benefits of the Revive 5-Day Natural Cleanse. This gentle cleanse is the perfect answer to your holiday digestion woes – and when used in conjunction with the Friendly Bacteria Replenisher, may even bid farewell to your seasonal stomach upset before it even starts.

This winter, try not to over-indulge. This is one of the best ways to help your stomach, along with avoiding heated oils, heavy proteins, and excess carbohydrates (starchy foods). Doing this for even a few days means avoiding those headaches and lousy feelings some people get during the colder months.

Even better, Try balancing your periods where you do eat traditional winter fare with a couple of days of healthy eating – salads, soups, and plenty of whatever fruits and vegetables you can find.

Have a Happy and Healthy December!

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