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  • I have IBS, shall I try the 30 day colon cleanse digestive stimulator and/or toxin absorber?

    I think these conditions require introduction to cleansing periodically. Also what helps are the elimination diet protocols to find out the foods or food categories that are causing distress and contributing to spasms in the gut that result in constipation events. Of course probiotics and prebiotics with enzymes are an additional tool. Essentially Digestive Stimulator, or a natural laxative at night only that can sometimes allow the dietary changes to become more effective while introducing probiotics / prebiotics help to control pH and fermentation of the gut. The main basis is to introduce a protocol that is on and off of the natural laxative but in no way allow reliance until the vitality of the gut becomes stronger on its own. Perhaps use natural prunes in the diet occasionally and FOS containing foods to help improve the condition. With any chronic conditions, take gentle care and attention with oversight of elimination diet protocols and diet dairies. 

    - James Sullivan, N.D.

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  • What daily tea drinking routine do you recommend for Yerba Mate-Green Tea-Ginseng and Dandelion Tea


    1. You could use these teas each day without doing harm.
    2. Take both of them together is OK up to 2-3 times a day for a time such as 6-8 weeks with a pause from that regimen
    3. Or take these separately with the Yerba Mate-Green Tea-Ginseng in the morning and Dandelion Root tea by itself at lunchtime or after higher fat meals.
    4. Try to experiment with flavors such as honey, almond milk or simple herb additions like Cinnamon to the Dandelion Root and Leaf to take the bitter edge off of the tea.

    - James Sullivan, N.D.

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  • Is there an herb that would be efficacious mixed with the chlorophyll that would give me that tonic effect?

    Sure, one suggestion is to:

    1. First grind up some flax seed, then add ginger, fennel + licorice.
    2. Place in a saucepan with water and simmer for 20 minutes.
    3. Strain and collect.
    4. Add to the chlorophyll.

    Optional: Maybe add Pineapple Juice as a fruit mask with a sprinkle of peppermint

    - James Sullivan, N.D.

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  • Which do u recommend? I am considering purchasing the internal cleansing and Colon cleanse or getting a colonic.

    If you have parasites, leaky gut, deficiencies and others you first need to discuss options with your health care provider. Blessed Herbs cleanses are not intended to treat or cure any of these ailments and depending on what "other things" they could be (quite frankly) good or bad for you. Our Colon Cleanse is designed to cleanse the colon and only the colon itself. Our Para Cleanse is designed to assist with parasites alone. Our internal cleanse cleanses not only your Colon (it comes with a Colon Cleanse Kit) but also all of your other eliminatory organs: skin, lungs, blood, kidney, bladder, gallbladder, etc. I would suggest showing the supplement facts of one of the cleanses to your doctor to ensure it will not affect anything else you may be taking.

    - James Sullivan, N.D.

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  • I just completed your colon cleanse but I have leftover Digestive Stimulators, should I continue taking them?

    You can absolutely continue taking them; however it is imperative not to become reliant upon them. Ideally if your system is reset and you are regular you should not need Digestive Stimulators anymore and you will be eliminating on your own. Keeping a mixed diet rich in greens, grains, fibers and appropriate water intake should do the trick just fine on its own. - James Sullivan, N.D. Jim Sullivan, ND Read More
  • What is an all-natural remedy that will help lower blood sugar?

    There are many healthy and simple ways to lower your blood sugar. Recent research has confirmed that increasing your fiber is a sure way to lower blood sugar levels and help protect your heart and digestive tract. Try to eat 5 pieces of fruit and vegetables every day (some authorities say more). A breakfast of oatmeal with fresh sliced apples, all sprinkled with a dash of cinnamon (not added sugar) counts triple! I suggest that you try fiber in the form of food and cinnamon first. The many other ways that people bring high blood sugar under control might also be helpful down the road. But you can start simply with two proven methods; and you have to eat anyway, so it might as well be delicious. Fall is here and apples come in a hundred different varieties: snack until you find your favorites. You can do it naturally! Yours, Amanda McQuade Crawford Amanda McQuade Crawford Read More
  • Can I take Tonkat Ali and Ginseng together for low libido? Will there be a bad interaction?

    I can assume you are using the Asian Ginseng with the Tongkat Ali. I do not think there should be any problems combining those two herbs as they should complement each other well. - James Sullivan, N.D. Jim Sullivan, ND Read More
  • Are coffee enemas recommended to help during a Parasite or Colon Cleanse?

    Both parasite and colon cleanses are designed to help you eliminate three times per day. If you are not eliminating that frequently it is first recommended to increase your water intake, and then try increasing the number of Digestive Stimulators. If you are still not eliminating like you should you can do a coffee enema to help stimulate elimination. It is not harmful to do this to help here or there but should not become routine or the only way to get you to eliminate. Also ensure you are taking probiotics as well as an enema not only clears out the waste but the good bacteria as well so it is imperative to replenish this. If you are still having troubles eliminating you should consult with your personal physician. - James Sullivan, N.D. Jim Sullivan, ND Read More
  • Can I use Ginseng Extract while I am on my colon cleanse & internal cleanse?

    This powerful adaptogen helps with reducing multiple symptoms while supporting several long term health goals. But it is associated with potential side effects when someone takes it that isn’t prescribed it by an experienced clinician. Hyped-up ad claims and self-treatment with Ginseng has led to much of the negative press. Literature and traditional medicine tell us Ginseng increases our basic level of heat. Detoxifying can be cooling, which is great if you are clearing causes of inflammation. This brings us back to the question, why are you taking Ginseng? If you have a Chinese Medicine health professional or other trained provider to ask, invite their opinion as to what your health goals and your constitution need most right now. Yours, Amanda McQuade Crawford Amanda McQuade Crawford Read More
  • Is there an all-natural remedy I can take for nausea relief?

    I would recommend some type of peppermint tea or soothing tea that contains ginger for the nausea conditions. It may help to include some type of alkaline minerals such as Calcium Carbonate and Sodium Bicarbonate supplement if available at a health food store. Some soothing herbals could include Aloe Vera, Marshmallow and Barley. Try a relaxation tea occasionally that would have Chamomile or Licorice. Dietary recommendations:
    1. Eat smaller meals more often.
    2. Avoid fried or fatty foods.
    3. Limit intake of stimulants such as coffee, alcohol, cigarettes and carbonated beverages.
    - James Sullivan, N.D. Jim Sullivan, ND Read More

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