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Joint Relief: All-Natural Supplement for Joint Stiffness and Soreness

Joint Relief
Our joints are what keep us mobile – these wonders of natural engineering let us sit up, move, bend, twist, and otherwise function throughout our daily lives. And without joint health, our daily lives suffer – sometimes in painful and even debilitating ways.

If these joint maladies sound familiar or they’re something you worry about, consider Joint Relief from Blessed Herbs. Joint Relief is an all-organic botanical supplement packed with herbal ingredients that promote joint health, natural inflammatory responses within your body and even healthy nerve and tissue function.*

The all-natural Joint Relief is a synergistic combination of three separate herbal ingredient blends, each formulated by our master herbalists. Designed to work in safe, synergistic concert with each other, these botanical blends offer increased comfort, mobility & relief without disruptive pharmaceuticals or habit-forming pain killers.*

Joint Comfort Blend

Stress is not often attributed as a factor in joint discomfort or decreased mobility, but it plays a major part nonetheless. Your body’s reaction to both environmental & emotional stress can manifest as joint discomfort, irritation & stiffness. Joint relief’s proprietary joint comfort blend addresses these symptoms gently and naturally*:

Joint Relief SupplementBoswellia – this herb, sometimes called Shallaki, helps your body respond to stress with an appropriate inflammatory response (actually means the opposite of what it sounds like). It contains active plant compounds that improve circulation and mobility – especially in the mornings when you need it most.*

Turmeric – this wonderful herb has been used for both culinary and medicinal applications for centuries. Turmeric’s active curcumin compounds reduce your body’s heat response (commonly referred to as inflammation) and also promote healthy nerve function.*

White Willow – White willow is another ancient remedy, particularly the bark. The extract of Salix alba bark is known to promote the body’s healthy inflammatory response, especially in the presence of illness. It also supports your immune system – always a plus!*

Tart Cherry – this relative of edible cherries boasts some of the highest bioflavonoid content of any plant species. These compounds provide powerful antioxidant effects – and the rest of the Tart Cherry adds nutritional support for your body.*

Joint Mobility Blend

Joint mobility (or lack thereof) can sometimes be attributed to dry and receding connective tissue. Circulation is also important to your joints – which is why the potent herbs of Joint Relief’s “Mobility Blend” address both these aspects of joint health and more.*

ginger rootGinger – this popular herb originated in Asia, but has since spread globally and is cultivated throughout the world. Used for both food and medicinal purposes, ginger can do everything from promote gastrointestinal health to naturally banish headaches. But in Joint Relief from Blessed Herbs, ginger’s primary function is to promote a healthy inflammatory response (read: relief) in troubled or swollen joints.*

Holy Basil – this plant has such potent antioxidant properties that it is considered a holy plant in its native India’s Hindu culture. Remember, antioxidants fight the eventually-debilitating, cellularly-degenerative effects of free radicals. This potential “preventative maintenance” landed Holy Basil a place on Joint Relief from Blessed Herbs’ ingredient list.*

Celery Seed – a common food staple, celery is rarely thought of as a medicinal plant. But the seeds of this watercress are excellent for promoting healthy uric acid levels and muscle health. Celery seeds help calm muscles and nerves, helping your body accomplish the natural process of de-stressing after a long day.*

Devil’s Claw – native to South Africa, this plant’s name is derived from its bright red claw-shaped seed fruits which grow along the ground. The analgesic and healthy inflammatory effects of Devil’s Claw were so pronounced that upon its discovery, Afrikaans-Dutch settlers took it back to Europe for use by chronic joint sufferers.*

Sea Vegetable Blend

Seaweed species and other oceanic flora are some of the unsung health heroes of the botanical world. These plants are gaining traction in healthy circles around the globe (spirulina, anyone?) and they’ve made it into Joint Relief from Blessed Herbs because they’re packed with minerals, flavonoids and antioxidants.*

Kelp seaweedLaminaria Japonica – Dashi kombu, as it’s called, is a type of brown kelp extensively cultivated in Asia. In addition to its edibility, this form of kelp has been found to have detoxifying effects on those that consume its extracts.*

Ascophyllum Nodosum – this species is native to the north Atlantic and is often called Rockweed or Norwegian Kelp. Packed with both macro and micro nutrients, polysaccharides and amino acids, Ascophyllum is incredibly nutritious and is consumed around the world.*

Macrocystis Pyrifera – known as “Giant Kelp” this seaweed species is rich in iodine, potassium and other healthy minerals. Giant Kelp is the famous seaweed common to and farmed off of the Pacific coast of North America from Baja California to Canada.*

Alaria Esculenta – sometimes called badderlocks, this type of kelp is widely consumed as a food source in countries that border its north Atlantic habitat. This algae is growing in popularity because it is packed with vitamins, minerals and can encourage bone health – an often neglected aspect of healthy joints. Alaria is also good for nervous & immune system health.*

Joint ReliefNatural joint relief from Blessed Herbs combines all these natural ingredients and botanical extracts into an easy-to-take capsule. There are no messy or “aromatic” creams, salves or poultices to apply, and no expensive pharmaceuticals or habit-forming painkillers to take.*

If you’ve had moderate mobility difficulty or reoccurring joint and connective tissue aches or discomfort, consider giving Joint Relief from Blessed Herbs a try. It is formulated by our master Blessed Herbs herbalists to provide active plant compounds, nutrition and more-directly to the tired, hard-working parts of your body that need it most!*

Learn More about Joint Relief from Blessed Herbs or contact us with any questions.

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