Why does lemon juice & honey help with nausea?

The lemon and honey remedy for nausea most likely has roots from some of the simplest cleansing regimes known in home remedies. Lemon is a perfect liver food and a great body cleanser high in Vitamin C and potassium and other minerals. The astringent action of lemon helps to contract the epigastric tissues in the gut that loosens up and clears the toxic reaction from the deep tissue and organs.

The honey helps to keep the lemon juice into a matrix for delivery to the tissues of the gut such as like a “slow release” so the lemon can do its work. As a result the lemon water is also very alkaline which is the natural pH of our bodies as with our blood being a pH of 7.41. The alkalinity action results in overcoming the “nausea” that was a result of imbalance in the gut from various causes and exists as a “state of imbalanced health”.

- James Sullivan, N.D.

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