Natural Cleansing for Menopause Relief

By Amanda McQuade CrawfordWomen's Rebalancing Cleanse

To understand why your body will benefit from the Women's Rebalancing Cleanse, it is important to understand the chemistry behind your menopause symptoms, or to put it bluntly: Why would our bodies give us menopause symptoms as all?

Why do our body temperatures suddenly shift, so that we must fan ourselves and change into fresh clothing, or feel our emotions rise unexpectedly?

Menopause - A transformation of body and mind

The answer is simple – it is simply because we are alive. We are going through a transformation of both body and mind … but through balancing your system we can turn this transformation in to a joyride, rather than a nuisance.

Hot flashes and/or night sweats are our body’s way of telling us that our old lifestyle habits and even our favorite foods are now up for reconsideration.

Spicy dishes, a few sips of alcohol, or calorie-rich deserts turn up the heat – just when our whole system of circulating blood is trying to adapt to this new ebb and flow of hormones.

So why cleanse?

Feminine Cleansing DetailsOur very blood vessels become extremely sensitive to tiny chemical changes in our bodies. Meanwhile our liver – that valiant servant of balanced health, is coping with detoxifying to relieve these symptoms naturally.

Helping our body cope with these changes is now as simple as taking time to add our safest herbs to water, natural compounds and ingredients our body is craving.

* Try the Blessed Herbs Women's Rebalancing Cleanse an organic herbal cleanse and integral part of the Blessed Herbs Natural Menopause Support Line!

Mild, regular detoxification during our Change gives us this result: our bodies can stop signaling us that we’re changing by sending us these annoying symptoms! While we might still feel, once in a while, a pleasant warmth that subsides quickly, this gentle reminder is proof that we’re alive and in tune with our own life forces, rather than a jolt or unnecessary distraction.

Cleansing Clears Your Body of Modern “Distractions”

Blessed Herbs Women's Rebalancing CleanseWe have always had natural ways of clearing midlife symptoms in traditional societies. However, our fast paced, convenience-crazed lifestyle often misses these queues altogether.

Our liver labors through the night to filter, sift and sort through the proteins we need to rebuild and separate them from the toxins that we need to excrete.

Nature provides us with plants that support the liver while it performs its many functions. Cleansing with these plant compounds makes it easier for our liver to do its job; which in turn improves the quality and restfulness of our sleep.

Did You Know? Burdock Root, the “MVP” of the Blessed Herbs Women's Rebalancing Cleanse all-natural Menopause Support Cleanse ingredients, is rich in Phytosterol plant compounds like Inulin, mucilage as well as fatty acids – supporting digestive health, laxative action, and feminine health, all integral parts of natural menopause relief!

Cleansing for a Better Night’s Rest

Since a major symptom of menopausal stress is lack of sound sleep (on top of moodiness and unexpected bouts of body-heat), restoring sound sleeping patterns is key to menopausal symptom relief.

Without sleep, our nerves feel ragged, our immunity suffers, and we stew in damp sheets instead of receiving our sacred rest.  By cleansing our body, we offer ourselves an opportunity to get the much-needed rest we deserve, without habit-forming chemicals.

Plus, cleansing makes it easier for our bodies to absorb essential vitamins and nutrients as well!

The Women's Rebalancing Cleanse is part of the Blessed Herbs Natural Menopause Relief Line. It’s composed of potent herbal ingredients such as Burdock root, Fenugreek, Black Cohosh, Marshmallow Root, Indian Gooseberry, Triphala Fruit and more. The Feminine Cleanse is an all-natural, rejuvenating cleanse specially designed for women suffering from symptoms of menopause!

For more Information on our Complete Blessed Herbs Natural Menopause Support Line, Click Here.

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