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Natural Probiotics and Digestive Aides

Herbal remedies to rid yourself of minor digestive troubles and irregularities

Natural Stomach HealthYour stomach is very much like the rest of you – it can get out of shape! For once, no one is referring to your abs: we’re talking about the bacteria and digestive health of your large and small intestines – and what you can do to restore balance and achieve a state of digestive tranquility.

The Friendly Bacteria Replenisher™ and Digestive Stimulator™ are two of Blessed Herbs oldest and most popular products. Why? Because they work! These digestive and intestinal balance aides are an integral part of several Blessed Herbs cleanses because they’re so important to optimizing your digestion before, during and after a cleanse.

What you may not realize is that both Friendly Bacteria Replenisher™ and Digestive Stimulator™ perfectly safe and effective for restoring your digestive health between cleanses!

Friendly Bacteria Replenisher™ - A “Probiotic” by any Other Name

Friendly Probiotic BacteriaWe’ve all seen the commercials exhorting the benefits of maintaining the healthy, balanced populations of so-called “good” bacteria in your stomach. But what are “probiotics?” Probiotics usually refers to a live culture of bacteria – not the bad kind we’re always fretting about, but the “friendly” bacteria that reside in our intestines and make it possible for us to digest food and facilitate a variety of other healthy biological functions.

Probiotics have been studied for use against illnesses that confound normal science, such as irritable bowel syndrome and certain types of diarrhea in children. These incredible breakthroughs aside, when it comes to adult digestive health, no one’s been at this longer than Blessed Herbs.

Health Benefits of Probiotics

  • Keep pathogens (harmful bacteria) in check
  • Aid digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Contribute to healthy immune function

Friendly Bacteria ReplenisherThe Friendly Bacteria Replenisher™ is comprised of 3 shelf-stable bacteria species: Lactobacillus helveticus, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, and Bifidobacterium longum. These three bacteria species promote health and restore balance in your lower intestines, encouraging healthy digestive bacteria growth and discouraging the negative kinds that cause indigestion and illness.

Friendly Bacteria Replenisher™ is perfect if you’ve noticed a disturbance in your normal stomach function. And because these bacteria are shelf-stable, they can be stored outside of your refrigerator. You never have to worry about the healthy bacterial cultures in Friendly Bacteria Replenisher™ expiring, or the material they’re suspended in spoiling. Try that with your favorite probiotic yogurt!

(Editor’s Note: Do NOT try this with your favorite probiotic yogurt.)

Digestive Stimulator™ - Botanical Stomach Support

Digestive StimulatorThe Digestive Stimulator™ for Blessed Herbs is a powerful herbal blend that encourages healthy digestion and regularity. It is taken at the onset of almost all Blessed Herbs cleanses in order to establish a regular digestive cycle, but you can use it whenever you’re feeling irregular or you feel that your digestive system could use a helping hand.

Digestive Stimulator™ delivers more than 20 incredible, all-natural botanicals from across the globe. Each of these ingredients has been selected by our master herbalists to restore regularity and help tone your digestive tract – in a natural, healthy way.

Digestive Stimulator™ is perfect for when you’d like to help your stomach along its “natural” cycle – but don’t think that the healthy contingent of “friendly” probiotic bacteria in your stomach are to blame.

Unlike some harsh chemical laxatives, Digestive Stimulator™ is designed with Fenugreek, fennel and peppermint leaf to encourage regularity without stomach upset, pain or discomfort. Ingredients such as Cape Aloe, Cascara Sagrada, and Chinese Rhubarb help your digestive system get back into a healthy rhythm. Digestive Stimulator™ also encourages immune system function with Amla fruit, Barberry root and Licorice extracts.

Restoring Digestive Health and Balance - Naturally

Both these products are excellent ways to restore digestive health after illness, dieting, cleansing, etc. But remember: Friendly Bacteria Replenisher is a probiotic – so avoid taking this product within two hours of ingesting antibiotics or other medication, just to be safe.

Having these two excellent, all-natural digestive aides in your herb cabinet can mean all the difference when it comes to minor stomach, digestive and regularity issues. Try Friendly Bacteria Replenisher™ and Digestive Stimulator™ today!

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