Blessed Herbs Practitioners – California

Deenie Leon RobbinsDeenie Leon Robbins, Tarzana, California

What is your education or professional work experience?

17 years experience in holistic practice National Board Certified colon hydro-therapist

What is your expertise or focus?

Holistic health practice: Colon hydrotherapy, Ear candling, lymphatic drainage massage, Ionic foot bath detox, Radio Frequency Liver Cleanse, Infrared dome sauna.

How do you work with clients?

I educate them in proper nutrition and hydration so they can start on the right path to healthy living.

What is the cost and time for initial consultation and follow-up work?

$80 per colonic session

What is the preferred method of contact?

Via phone 818-881-8400

What is your experience with the Blessed Herbs cleansing products?

I have used Blessed Herbs cleansing products years ago and just got reintroduced back into it by a client. I now have clients interested in Blessed Herbs cleansing products.

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