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Blessed Herbs Practitioners – Canada

Dr. Lexis JohnsonDr. Lexis Johnson, Canada

What is your education or professional work experience?

Originator and owner of the much-talked about Muffin Top Diet, Lexis Johnson, PhD works with women like you who have become disillusioned with both the yo-yo diets and the Law of Attraction to bring them the ideal body, get the career and relationship of their dreams… It all starts outside of the body with the Energetic Bodies.

Dr. Lexis helps YOU:

  • Finally melt your Muffin Top to become sleek, sexy and succulent in your little black dress!
  • Banish Brain Fog with a serotonin and oxytocin enhancing diet that reduces stress and gives you the extra fortitude to knock it out of the park!
  • Discover if your exhaustion is really burn-out caused by cortisol production depleting your adrenal glands. Turn stress into finesse!
  • Find more “me time” by getting your brain clear and your body energized; when your work gets done faster you have more free time for that bubble bath, glass of wine with friends, or take a pilates class & really enjoy it!
  • Understand that exercise & diets that don’t serve you leave you flat after a few days of success and actually cause you to produce cortisol which causes belly-fat, anxiety, fatigue & poor self-esteem. And the wrong diet also causes all those strange symptoms you keep complaining about to your Dr and she doesn’t have the answers that work either! When they say “it’s all in your head”, call Dr. Lexis for a solution that works!

Through her own health issues and stresses Dr. Lexis struggled in much the same ways you do. She came into this world to conquer the physical reality of congenital hearing loss, food allergies and a plethora of maladies such as fibromyalgia, Crohn’s and Celiacs disease, pleurisy, an embolism, an ulcer, all while she was pregnant. She struggled with weight loss throughout giving birth to her seven children, each time regaining her weight time and time again.

Dr. Lexis today has no more of these issues because she discovered that the Stress that causes health dis-ease can be eaten away through the right foods physically and through the energetic bodies of the Mind, Emotions and Spirit. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience and there is no reason we all have to struggle figuring it all out.

Dr. Lexis has put it all together for you so you not only get the body you crave but you also get a whole new perspective on getting yourself ‘out there’ following your passions and purpose. Dr. Lexis empowers you through her experiences and modalities like no one else you’ve ever experienced. These user-friendly tools will help you release the limitations of the world you currently experience to place you in a world you’ve only imagined!

TOOLS, TALENTS AND WISDOM DR. LEXIS USES to transform and transport you through the limiting beliefs you have that keep you yo-yo dieting; stuck in a no-energy vacuum exhausted with no ‘me-time’; imprisoned by the jail of brain-fog and she’ll help you remember your forgotten passions and purpose!

Structured to detoxify your Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit Dr. Lexis employs guided imagery, NLP, cutting edge nutritional strategies, Cosmobiology and a variety of Energy Modalities from one of the over 20 different types of Reiki she is Master of.

Dr. Lexis has studied and has a degree and is certificated, licensed or registered in the following, as well as many other, modalities to help you: psychology, nutrition, master herbalist, holistic health practitioner, essential oils & aromatherapy, lymphatic drainage, esthetician, color psychology, sound therapy, image-consulting, over 20 different types of energy work including various Reiki, Shaman, Reconnective Healing, DNA and 12 strand meridian.

Dr. Lexis puts it all together for you in practical individualized programs with the Universal Laws of Attraction


Ara WisemanAra Wiseman, Ontario, Canada

What is your education or professional work experience?

I am a nutritional expert with more than 10 years of experience, academic knowledge and an emotional understanding of people. Whether counseling individuals, corporations, groups, or leading seminars, I remain focused on encouraging my clients to find balance to live in a healthier body.

I founded my private nutrition consulting practice in Toronto, Canada, in 1998. Working as a licensed Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) and a Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner (RNCP), I help people achieve their nutrition and lifestyle goals by providing comprehensive information, advice and recommendations.

In addition to my private consulting practice, I teach Nutrition in the Holistic Program at the Transformational Arts College in Toronto and deliver nutritional seminars to various organizations and corporate groups throughout the Toronto area. I graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and am a member of the International Organization of Nutrition Consultants.

What is your expertise or focus?

Integral to my approach to nutritional counseling is an understanding and appreciation of the connection between mind, body and spirit and the manner in which our state of mind and spiritual well-being affects our physical health. By listening to our body, becoming aware of our thoughts and actions, and nourishing every level of ourselves, we walk the path that leads to attaining balance of mind, body and spirit.

Often, declining health conditions that lead to illness may be linked to inadequate food nutrition and deficient emotional and spiritual nourishment. Stepping back onto the path of healthy living involves perceiving your illness as an opportunity to heal your mind, body and spirit by nourishing every level of yourself.

Throughout my career as a Nutritionist, I have successfully counseled many individuals suffering from issues related to nutritional deficiencies, disease and illness, including: weight loss, weight gain, emotional eating, cancer, diabetes, hypertension, obesity and weight management, eating disorders, osteoporosis, food allergies and intolerances, celiac disease, PMS syndrome and menopause, pre-natal and pregnancy, lipid disorders, bowel disorders, sugar and starch addiction, pre-operation and post-operation healing, stress management and digestive complaints.

How do you work with clients?

For clients who reside outside the Toronto area and are not able to meet with me, I provide e-Nutrition services through my website at www.arawiseman.com. My e-Nutrition program is a 12-week nutrition program delivered to the client via email. The ease and convenience of this program gives the client flexibility to learn when they want and where they want according to their own schedule.

For clients residing within the Toronto area, I offer one-on-one nutritional counseling programs, detoxification and cleansing programs and infrared sauna therapy.

What is the cost and time for initial consultation and follow-up work?

The cost for e-nutrition is $295 for our 12-week program. Please visit www.arawiseman.com for costs of several other nutritional consulting programs, detoxification and cleansing programs and infrared sauna therapy.

What is the preferred method of contact?

Via the web at www.arawiseman.com or via email at info@arawiseman.com.

What is your experience with the Blessed Herbs cleansing products?

As a private practice Nutritionist with more than 10 years experience, I take great care to select products for my clients that are of the highest value. The Blessed Herb formulas are of excellent quality and information provided in Blessed Herb booklets is detailed, informative and easy to follow. Clients who have used the colon cleansing kit or detoxification kit have all reported positive results. I have been recommending many Blessed Herbs products to my clients for more than 2 years and have received nothing but positive feedback.

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