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Blessed Herbs Practitioners – Colorado

Manuel GarzonManuel Garzon, Denver, CO

What is your educational or professional work experience?

I am an Iridologist from the International College of Natural Medicine and hold a Master degree in Iridology from the Intituto de Iridologia of the Universidad del Sur and undertook post graduate studies at the Internal College of Iridology. I am also an active member of the Asociacion de Iridologos de la Republica Argentina and an Auriculotherapy expert of the Health Care Alternatives.

I have been using the three Iridologic tendencies (Asia, Europe and America) in order to get a better and deeper analysis of the health problems of my clients. In several occasions I detected tumors, cysts, stones and other deficiencies in the initial phase, that classic medicine can not find using the regular diagnostic methods, contributing in this way to working not just with the symptom but more importantly the root of the health problem.

What is your expertise or focus?

My company name represents exactly my focus : help to prevent health problems from the beginning, before we development serious conditions in our body.

I use absolutely natural treatments like: Auriculotherapy, Homeopathy, Natural Herbs, Natural Remedies, Magnetic Fields, Ion cleanse foot bath, etc.

How do your work with your clients?

The eye receives information from 28,000 nerves from the rest of the body bringing information regarding the health of the person. Therefore the Iridology exam that I practice takes a detailed picture which is then analyzed on the computer to get an immediate and accurate health analysis.

It is very important to note that we can help with any kind of health problem due the holistic analysis of the iris.

I work with my clients mainly personally at my office and sometimes via the Internet if they can send me a very high quality picture of the eyes.

What the cost and time for initial consultation and follow up work?

Initial cost $45.00 (initial exam and medical record); follow-up appointments $35.00

What is the preferred method of contact?

I would like to be contacted by phone or email to make an appointment.

Phone: 720-535-5686 or 720-971-0940

Email: naturalprevention@hotmail.com

Website: www.thenaturalprevention.com

What is your experience with Blessed Herbs Cleansing products?

I totally agree with the recommendation of the WHO (World Health Organization): we start dying in our colon, therefore I dedicated to find a product to fulfill the specifications that we require to get our objective. And finally I found the Blessed Herbs Company, which in my judgment is THE BEST COLON CLEANSING that exists in the world, to affirm this I have several testimonies from my clients over many years. I have no doubt in recommending Blessed Herbs to all my clients from their first visit to do an annual colon cleansing with the product: THE COLON CLEANSING KIT BY BLESSED HERBS, because it allows me to help people with their health deficiencies, and on several occasions causes their ailments to disappear. In addition, I strengthen and fortified my clients health with other products that the company BLESSED HERBS has.

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