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Dr. Michael SiebertDr. Michael Siebert, North Miami Beach, Florida What is your education or professional work experience? Dr. Siebert graduated from the New England College of Optometry in Boston, MA and completed his internship training at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute in Miami, FL and Newington VA Hospital in Newington, CT. In addition, Dr. Siebert has taught in Europe as a Clinical Professor at Hogeschool van Utrecht, The Netherlands. This European influence has provided Dr. Siebert with experience and knowledge of alternative treatments for various ocular problems that are not commonly practiced in the United States. His post-graduate studies have focused on alternative methods and metaphysical studies including iridology, medical intuition and theta healing. Dr. Siebert received his metaphysical training and certification from the Mystery School in Boulder, CO. Dr. Siebert is an honored member of the Luxottica Retail Horizon Club. The Horizon Club Award ("horizons are nothing but the limits of your sight") was given to Dr. Siebert in 2006 for his work with the Gift of Sight Foundation. This award is the most prestigious award given by Luxottica Retail. Dr. Siebert is certified by the International Iridologist Practitioners Association. This certification identifies one as having attained the highest level of education in the field of Iridology. What is your expertise or focus? While traditional optometry treats the eyes as separate organs, I understand that eye health occurs as part of the systemic health of the whole body. My wholistic approach includes detoxification, herbal aids, nutritional counseling and spiritual counseling to improve overall well being and eye health. Eye conditions, such as Macular Degeneration and Glaucoma, can often be prevented and improved through these methods. I am an ambassador for the field of optometry and living hope for thousands of people in need of eye care. Practicing in Miami Beach, Florida, I am involved with Gift of Sight, Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity and The Heiken Children's Vision Fund providing charitable eye care to children and others who cannot afford services. I understand the importance of being a em role model, I take the responsibility to heart and have become an avid champion for the young, especially those who are financially and/or physically-challenged. I participate in up to three Gift of Sight missions each year to help children and adults in poverty stricken countries improve their vision. How do you work with clients? I see clients in my local office but phone consultations are available as well. If patients can visit me locally, they can forward their previous records to me so I can get a sense of their problem. What is the cost and time for initial consultation and follow-up work? This varies depending upon individual needs. Most initial consults are between $130 - $160. Follow ups usually run around $65. What is the preferred method of contact? Phone: (305) 595-8370 What is your experience with the Blessed Herbs cleansing products? I have been using Blessed Herbs products for years now. Personally, my skin has never looked better. In fact, my skin looks better today than it did when I graduated from school eight years ago. I know this is from the routine detoxification I go through. Just recently I was visiting Kansas City, my home town, and my aunt said to me, "It looks like you are getting younger...all that "stuff" you do is obviously working." I use Blessed Herbs products every six months for my own personal detoxification program. Furthermore, I have placed many patients on these products and have witnessed improvements in vision and overall health as well as one's energy.
Rachael_RichardsonRachael Richardson, South Miami Beach, Florida What is your education or professional work experience? Rachael Richardson is a Registered Dietitian and Licensed Nutritionist. She earned her bachelor of science in Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of North Florida, where she was a full scholarship soccer player. She then attended a prestigious internship in nutrition/dietetics at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. What is your expertise or focus? I focus on helping people reverse chronic conditions through cellular detoxification and a whole foods approach to eating and rebuilding the cells. I prioritize education to empower people to live better, and do this through my website, I have special interests in digestive health, blood sugar and diabetes, and immune health and cancer, and nutrition for anti-aging, athletes and kids. How do you work with clients? I work with people in a number of ways, including in person, by phone, and via email and website, I offer consultations, community education classes, and pharmaceutical grade supplement programs with direct shipping of products to your home. What is the cost and time for initial consultation and follow-up work? Comprehensive Consultation: $300 Express Consultation: $ 75 or $125 Complimentary Supplement Programs available More details available at: What is the preferred method of contact? Whatever works best for you- See our website for up to date contact info. What is your experience with the Blessed Herbs cleansing products? I've been using them in practice for about 8 years. I've had very good results using Blessed Herbs' products.

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