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Blessed Herbs Practitioners – Hong Kong

Cecilia TangCecilia Tang, Hong Kong

What is your education or professional work experience?

Cecilia is the professional member of NAHA-National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy; certified instructor of IAIM - International Association of Infant Massage; founder an on-line holistic aromatherapy store Aroma-quotient.

What is your expertise or focus?

Specialized in prescribe therapeutic aromatherapy care for special needs. Knowing everyone¿s skin is special, unique and different with their own living style; clients are asked in-depth questions about their lifestyle before a product is formulated, tailored to a person¿s exact requirements for the best fit. To treat short term concerns, such as skin allergies, temporary inflammation as well as long term skincare concerns, such as eczema, psoriasis, skin discolorations, after surgery scars. Special aromatherapy for pregnancy and childbirth care project are designed to each client on their different stages for special needs. Cecilia also holds regular workshop, provides alternative therapies for eczema & psoriasis symptoms at professional training school - Asia-Pacific Aromatherapy Ltd.

Aromatherapy not only works well on our cellular levels, it also have a profound effect on activating our own healing process and initiating positive changes physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. There are an infinite number of pathways to experience transformation and balance through the use of holistic aromatherapy by addressing the causes of imbalances, in lieu of the symptoms. A partial list of the many possible benefits which may include: emotional wellbeing; reduction of stress; alleviate physical and emotional pain; improves self esteem; uplifts your spirits; regulate hormonal imbalance, useful for easing panic, anxiety, fear & doubt; promoting self assurance and courage; lifts feelings of depression and many other possible applications. Aromatherapy has become such a popular form of complementary medicine because, correctly used, it provides a safe and effective method of improving health. As a complementary medicine, aromatherapy employs many more essential oils than would be used in beauty therapy.

How do you work with clients?

We schedule in-person aromatherapy consultations at our practice, assessment starts with the client being given a consultation form to fill in, it will use as a basis for discussion. The consultation covered the six broad areas: Basic personal information; Medical history; Allergies; Emotional state; Lifestyle; Diet. The purpose of these procedures is to ascertain that there are any contra-indications to the essential oils, ingredients to be given and any specific treatment or areas we should pay attention to.

Product for a specific need by request may be ordered following a personal, telephone or email consultation with the client, an appropriate product and application will be advice.

What is the cost and time for initial consultation and follow-up work?

Both an in-person or telephone consultation is set for a one-hour per session, and US $90.00/hour for the initial appointment. A return client we charge for $60.00/hour or $30.00/30mins.

What is the preferred method of contact?

We can be contacted by phone, at (852) 2520 2073, or by email at enquiries@aroma-quotient.com, to schedule consultations. Our website, www.aroma-quotient.com also provides information of our products.

What is your experience with the Blessed Herbs cleansing products?

We believe our skin reflects our health. We recommended our clients take the Colon Cleansing kit to clear the cumulative derbies inside the colon. Most of them will freak out when they heard the idea of fasting, but the good thing about the Colon Cleansing Kit has 3 options; Best Option; Better Option and Good Option, they can choose according to their own lifestyle, very flexible. Everyone is so amazed and cannot believe we carry such an amount of waste with us everyday. After the Colon Cleansing and Internal Cleansing, many clients report not only feel so good, loss weight, they even have fresher mind and with more energy.

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