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Blessed Herbs Practitioners – Kuala Lumpur

Philip YiinPhilip Yiin, Kuala Lumpur

LivingWell-LivingFood Specialist, Certified Anti-Aging Specialist

Philip Yiin is a certified functional health consultant and LivingFood specialist with many years of experience helping clients achieve their goals from reducing and eliminating their dependency on drugs to weight management and bio-identical hormone modulation through LivingWell protocols. He has been accredited from prestigious institutions such as the Royal Society of Medicine-UK, General Hypnotherapy Standards Council-UK and Medical communities both abroad and local. He is also board certified for anti aging bio-identical hormone modulation. As co-founder of Institute for Functional Health Malaysia, Philip continues to generate awareness in active wellness, innovate wellness protocols and contributing to achieving practical outcomes with cutting edge technologies.

We can be contacted by phone, at 6013 3378999 or by email at livingwellmy@gmail.com to schedule consultations.

Our website, www.livingwellmy.com/our-team/ also provides information of our products.

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