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How to Prepare for Colon Cleansing

change diet colon cleanse prep Nearly every life-enhancing experience is made better with proper preparation. Before you go on a travel vacation, you plan your itinerary; you pack the appropriate clothes and accessories. If you’re going on a long hike or bike ride, you’ll enjoy yourself more if in the weeks leading up to the event, you prepare with an increased amount of stamina-building exercises.

The same thing goes for colon cleansing. Think of it as a big change of pace for your digestive system – a vacation of sorts from the way you’re used to eating. Proper colon cleansing prep  – physically and mentally – will go a long way to helping you adhere to the necessary procedures and to derive the greatest benefit.

Here are some tips:


Schedule your colon cleanse. Although it may be tempting to start your colon cleanse the day after Thanksgiving, when you may feel bloated and lethargic, doing so may be too fast and too radical. Hunger and habits may interfere with your willingness to stick with your cleansing regimen, which can last from nine to thirty days.

Think ahead. Check your calendar and plan your cleanse for a period when you won’t be faced with situations (holiday meals; parties; vacations) that make it challenging or difficult to stick with the procedures.

Start changing your diet. About a week before beginning a colon cleanser cut down on fats and sugars (including alcohol and carbohydrates such as bread and pasta). Eat lighter meals that include plenty of vegetables. Avoid dairy and meat products. Drink lots of water. Doing so will make you feel better even before you begin cleansing.exercise

Exercise. It increases endurance and energy, burns calories, strengthens muscle and will just make you feel better about yourself and your pathway to self-improvement.

Psyche yourself up! You’re doing something good for yourself. You’ll feel happier and healthier. It’s exciting and something to look forward to.

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