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Relax, Don't Hold It… When You Wanna Go

Relax, Don't Hold Your Bowel MovementsWhile doctors may say that being “regular” in your bowel movements varies with the individual ― from once or more daily to just a few times a week ― the fact is, that the human body was designed to excrete waste after every meal.

The urge is called the gastrocolic reflex and it’s usually fully intact in babies and small children.

Unfortunately, this urge can become suppressed in the course of living. It usually starts at school age when we aren’t always excused to use the bathroom, and continues right on to our work career for more or less the same reason.

Frequently added to the problem is the fear of using public restrooms, and the related problem of “stage fright,” the inability to move your bowels while in the presence of another person, whether it be stranger or friend.

This leads to an inevitable question: what happens when you habitually ignore Mother Nature’s call?

The answer can often be found in some serious health issues, starting with a condition called pelvic floor dyssynergia in which the muscles used for excretion lose their ability to function normally. When this happens constipation, incomplete evacuation, and straining with bowel movements frequently ensue.

According to gastroenterologist Dr. Anish Sheth, when a person has a severe case of pelvic floor dyssynergia, "you can give them all the laxatives in the world and they still won't go".(1)

Another serious problem is diverticulosis. This occurs when the tiny pockets (diverticula) in the lining of the bowel become blocked with waste material, causing inflammation and infection due to built up toxic bacteria.

What’s the solution? First, consult your physician. Serious cases of bowel dysfunction may require testing, medication, and even learning specific biofeedback techniques to retrain the muscles that control excretion.

Next, don’t hold it! Start by paying attention to your natural urge to go and find the nearest restroom. Listening to your body’s needs is the first and best thing your can do to keep your digestive system and your entire body healthy.

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