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cardiovascular health

  • Natural Heart Health

    Natural Heart HealthBy Amanda McQuade Crawford

    February is American Heart Month – a time to take stock of our cardiovascular health and change the way we approach healthy living.

    If you’re living a “natural” lifestyle, you’re already better off than the “processed foods” masses. Read More

  • Holiday Health Tip: The Healing Power of Cranberries

    Antioxidant SuperfoodCranberries are far more than just a tart, delicious fruit perfect for making jelly, juice or dried treats. The active plant compounds in cranberries have a plethora of health benefits. Plus, they’re available fresh in the fall and wintertime, making them an excellent sour-sweet staple to get you through the colder months of the year. Read More

  • Herbal How-To: Homemade Hawthorn Berry Tincture

    What is Hawthorn, and what can it do for your cardiovascular health*?

    Hawthorn, or Crataegus trees are common throughout North America, Europe and Asia – and are often referred to as “food for the heart”. This large, shrub-like tree bears bright red fruit, sometimes called “haws”. Hawthorn is May’s birth flower – learn how to harness the heart-healthy power of Hawthorn* with your make-your-own Hawthorn berry tincture! Read More

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