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  • The Amazing Healing Power of Aloe Vera

    The aloe vera plant is one of the most popular botanicals in the world. Its soothing gel takes the sting out of sunburn and acts as a natural healing balm for cuts and scrapes. Aloe vera’s healing magic isn’t just confined to external use. Read More

  • 5 Natural Herbs for Healthy Spring Cleansing

    Whether they’re grown in your backyard or found in an exotic tropical locale, herbs have always played a vital role in the health and healing of mankind.  Our ancient ancestors may not have known the scientific or medicinal properties of the herbs on which they relied, but they did know that certain herbs could bring down a fever, cure a cough, stop a spreading infection and so much more.

    Modern research now knows that herbs can have a multitude of health benefits that may be as effective as the most potent pharmaceutical with the added benefit of being safe from synthetic chemicals.

    Read More

  • Spring Cleaning with Nature’s Detoxifying Foods

    It’s spring cleaning time, and at Blessed Herbs it’s also cleansing time ―the perfect opportunity to detoxify your digestive tract from a winter’s worth of hardened waste material and toxic residue that can negatively impact your overall health.

    Let’s get ready for a glorious spring and summer by looking at eight foods that not only help you detoxify, but provide abundant nutrients to keep you healthy and energized.
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  • 10 Reasons to Cleanse Your Digestive System After the Holidays

    With the abundance of rich food and drink that accompany the holiday season, it’s no wonder that so many people end the year with unwanted pounds, sluggish bowel movements and digestive upsets.   Factor in travel, not enough water and dietary fiber, stress and a lack of exercise, and you can understand why your digestive system starts to rebel. Read More

  • Can Cleansing Really Help with Weight Loss

    In our first webinar of 2015 we discussed common weight loss myths, fad diets and problems associated with them, the dieting cycle and recommendations to change your lifestyle which will help with weight loss. Cleansing is of course a wonderful jump start to any weight loss plan. Read More
  • Cleansing Tales From Our Brand Manager

    Let me introduce myself: my name is Forrest, I’m the Brand Manager here at Blessed Herbs. Read More

  • Internal Cleansing Live Chat with Amanda McQuade Crawford

    Part of our monthly Cleansing & Detox series, Blessed Herbs hosts a live chat on internal cleansing and detoxification featuring Amanda McQuade Crawford. Read More

  • Cleansing 101 in Today's Toxic World

    In-depth overview of today's toxic world, how toxins affect your body, how your body processes them and an overview of products that can help. Read More

  • [INFOGRAPHIC] Why Whole Body Cleansing and Detoxification is Vital to Your Health!

    Identify common toxins that enter your body and symptoms you may be toxic + how the body detoxifies itself. Read More

  • Cleansing in a Modern World

    Modern CleansingBy Amanda McQuade Crawford

    Do you ever wonder why you don't feel terrific all the time? Using food or other substances to fill a void? Well, the sad news is that this doesn't fill you up as much as it may feel like you’re slowly poisoning yourself after awhile. Sounds like it may be time for an organic cleanse! Read More

  • Colon Cleansing and Weight Loss

    eight loss and cleansingIntentional weight loss, as anyone who has struggled with a restrictive diet can tell you, can be a mental battle as much as a physical one.

    On one hand, we have the simple fact that healthy weight loss is achieved only one way: by having your body use more calories than it takes in. Every successful diet plan has at its core the fundamental principles of eating less and exercising more. Read More

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