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  • 10 Easy Tips for Healthier Digestion at Any Age

    fotoYour digestive system is a key player in the health of your entire body. Without any conscious effort on your part, it breaks down the food you consume into nutrients that will be absorbed through your intestinal walls and carried by your bloodstream to be used by every cell in your body. And that’s only half the job. Once the nutrients have been extracted from your food and absorbed, your digestive system then goes to work preparing to rid your body of unneeded waste material. The digestive process is vital to keep you nourished, healthy and strong.

    Knowing this, you can see how important it is to make healthy choices to keep your digestive system running at its very best. Here are 10 easy tips you can implement right now to do just that.

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  • What daily tea drinking routine do you recommend for Yerba Mate-Green Tea-Ginseng and Dandelion Tea?


    1. You could use these teas each day without doing harm.
    2. Take both of them together is OK up to 2-3 times a day for a time such as 6-8 weeks with a pause from that regimen.
    3. Or take these separately with the Yerba Mate-Green Tea-Ginseng in the morning and Dandelion Root tea by itself at lunchtime or after higher fat meals.
    4. Try to experiment with flavors such as honey, almond milk or simple herb additions like Cinnamon to the Dandelion Root and Leaf to take the bitter edge
      off of the tea.

    - James Sullivan, N.D.

    Jim Sullivan, ND

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  • Bless this Stress

    wintertime stressHerbal remedies and more to keep the holiday blues away

    The yule tide season is the most magical time of the entire year. If you let the hectic holiday pace get to you, you won’t be nearly as much fun. Luckily there are herbs, relaxation techniques, and other helpful hints will make winter your favorite time of year! Read More

  • Herbal Teas - Brewing Outside the Bag

    Herbal tea.This month has been all about Tea at Blessed Herbs. But so far, we’ve concentrated entirely on “Traditional Tea” – or, simply brewed or steeped beverages who’s flavor and active ingredients are derived (even in part) from the “Tea” plant, Camillia sinensis. But we all know there’s way more to “tea” than that! Read More

  • Green Tea - A Hidden Treasure

    Green Tea starts out as the same plant as Black Tea – Camellia sinensis. But it’s one of the healthiest draughts you can drink … so what makes Green Tea so much more than its other fresh-brewed brethren? The answer is antioxidants – and a truly unique preparation process! Read More

  • Tea: A Brief History

    Tea – a simple three-letter word belying a deep heritage and rich traditions. A beverage once drank as medicine, then as a refreshing pick-me-up, and now thanks to analysis by modern science, tea is touted as a healthy, beneficial drought approaching super-food status.

    Tea LeafBut what is tea? There are two ways to define “Tea:” as a warm or cold beverage derived from brewed or steeped leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, or any beverage derived from the process of pouring or soaking dried plant or botanical parts in hot or boiling water. Either way – tea is a fascinating subject in and of itself. Read More

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