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  • 10 Easy Tips for Healthier Digestion at Any Age

    fotoYour digestive system is a key player in the health of your entire body. Without any conscious effort on your part, it breaks down the food you consume into nutrients that will be absorbed through your intestinal walls and carried by your bloodstream to be used by every cell in your body. And that’s only half the job. Once the nutrients have been extracted from your food and absorbed, your digestive system then goes to work preparing to rid your body of unneeded waste material. The digestive process is vital to keep you nourished, healthy and strong.

    Knowing this, you can see how important it is to make healthy choices to keep your digestive system running at its very best. Here are 10 easy tips you can implement right now to do just that.

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  • The Secret to Ultimate Nutrition During Your Cleanse

    superfoodsBlessed Herbs has a variety of all-natural cleanses designed for your specific healthcare needs and goals.   Starting with our bestselling Colon Cleansing Kit, you can tone your entire digestive tract, expel accumulated waste material and toxins from your intestinal walls, and even “reset” your metabolism to jumpstart weight loss and rid yourself of nagging symptoms related to autointoxication. Read More

  • 5 Ways to Love Your Heart… Plus a Special Tip from Blessed Herbs

    5-ways-to-love-your-heart-blogSeptember 29 is World Heart Day, a chance to remind people of all ages that heart disease and stroke are the leading cause of heath worldwide.  And just as importantly, to let you know that 80% of premature deaths from heart disease could be prevented by avoiding its four main risk factors: smoking, unhealthy diet, physical inactivity, and harmful alcohol intake. Read More

  • 5 Great Tips for a Healthy Heart

    5 Great Tips for a Healthy HeartIf you want to keep your heart strong and healthy well into your twilight years, the go-to word is Prevention. And that includes people of all ages ―especially young adults who can develop healthy lifestyle habits early to protect themselves from heart disease throughout their lives. Read More

  • My mother-in-law wants to use the Colon Cleanse, but she takes pills for high blood pressure and heart medicine. Is your product safe for her to take?

    Our “best option” program on the Colon Cleanse requires fasting, so for those who are on prescription medication such as high blood pressure and heart medicine, they should consult with an alternative health care provider for monitoring during any cleanse that requires diet changes and taking their medication. There are alternatives as well, she can do the “30-Day” program without fasting, or she could also do the Revive 5-Day Cleanse which also does not require fasting.

    - James Sullivan, N.D.

    Jim Sullivan, ND

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  • Hawthorn - Nature's Heart Medicine

    Hawthorn berry for the heartHawthorn is an incredible species – truly one of nature’s great gifts to mankind; especially for our hearts. Packed with antioxidants, vitamin C, and flavonoids, Hawthorn berries (called Haws), leaves and flowers can be used to create potent natural remedies. Explore Hawthorn berry benefits, and learn Read More

  • Natural Heart Health

    Natural Heart HealthBy Amanda McQuade Crawford

    February is American Heart Month – a time to take stock of our cardiovascular health and change the way we approach healthy living.

    If you’re living a “natural” lifestyle, you’re already better off than the “processed foods” masses. Read More

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