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  • Hawthorn - Nature's Heart Medicine

    Hawthorn berry for the heartHawthorn is an incredible species – truly one of nature’s great gifts to mankind; especially for our hearts. Packed with antioxidants, vitamin C, and flavonoids, Hawthorn berries (called Haws), leaves and flowers can be used to create potent natural remedies. Explore Hawthorn berry benefits, and learn Read More

  • What is the difference between Hawthorn Berries and Hawthorn Leaves and Flowers?

    Hawthorne Berries are typically used to treat cardiac insufficiencies of the heart. The flowers and leaves would be more commonly used for normalizing blood circulation helping to have stronger arteries for better blood flow to the heart. Nutritionally the berries are more beneficial for those with dysfunctional cardiac weaknesses that already exist and help to normalize higher quality heart function.

    The flowers and leaves can benefit circulation to the heart and those that have weaknesses there with poor dietary control of fats and sugars. Combining the berries, flowers and leaves to supply a full spectrum of constituents is the best preventive approach for an overall healthy heart and cardiovascular tonic in support of holistic health.

    - James Sullivan, N.D.

    Jim Sullivan, ND

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  • Herbal How-To: Homemade Hawthorn Berry Tincture

    What is Hawthorn, and what can it do for your cardiovascular health*?

    Hawthorn, or Crataegus trees are common throughout North America, Europe and Asia – and are often referred to as “food for the heart”. This large, shrub-like tree bears bright red fruit, sometimes called “haws”. Hawthorn is May’s birth flower – learn how to harness the heart-healthy power of Hawthorn* with your make-your-own Hawthorn berry tincture! Read More

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